The relaunch of Heart Bingo has gone smoothly thanks to Pragmatic Play.

With its irreverent, cutting-edge approach to iGaming content Pragmatic Play is once again leading the way. This time around though they’re not just providing players with great games – their relaunch of Heart Bingo will be tempered by an added dose of licensing magic from BetVictor who have been granted rights aswell!
All eyes can’t wait until May 16th when everything kicks off…

Pragmatic Play’s successful partnership with Heart Bingo has been extended to include their Bingo product. The popular brand is now revitalized and better than ever before, thanks in part due to this new deal between the two companies that will continue on an upward trajectory for years yet again!

Pragmatic Play has been a latecomer to the bingo market, but their innovative solutions are sure not be missed. The company’s biggest selling point? Bingo Blast and Drop Pots – two games that have already captured global attention with regulator-approved licenses in place!

The first thing you’ll notice about the new Reels Room is how much it resembles Heart Bingo’s signature style. The site has taken all of its most popular features and combined them into one cool room, making for an exclusive experience not available anywhere else! It doesn’t stop there – as if rolling out these awesome décor assets wasn’t enough (and who could blame ‘em?), they’ve also added some very special Drop Pots games where your successful plays will give you three chances every day at winnings big.

“The heart and soul of Pragmatic Play is Bingo, so it’s great that Heart Bingo has chosen to partner with us again. I have been working closely on this project for months now as we optimize the experience just like last time! Our loyal players deserve nothing less than their best effort – which will be delivered by a team dedicated solely in giving them everything they need from start-to finish.”

“We’re excited to be partnering with such a well-respected name in the iGaming industry for our next venture and we are fully committed to creating an improved, safer gambling experience,” said Turlough Lally. “The Heart Bingo players will love all of these new features!”

Pragmatic Play is cranking out new slot titles at the rate of five per month, but they also offer other products for your entertainment needs. With one single API you can access live casino and bingo games too!

BetVictor has been enhancing its collaboration with Pragmatic Play this year, after having gone live earlier in the year on behalf of their bingo games.
The agreement originally signed back at end March builds upon a partnership that was established last year when they joined forces to provide content for both slots and table gambling alike!

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