The Casino Barcelona has a new game to offer you, the players! This time around it is called Zitro’s Wheel Of Legends!

Zitro’s Wheel Of Legends

Wheel of Legends is now available at Casino Barcelona, following launches last month in Madrid and Toledo. The game features a Choose Your Own Adventure style interface that lets players choose between different heroes with unique special abilities to fight off monsters on their quest for victory!

Grup Peralada has been on a roll with their new ventures. After the success of Link King, Zitro’s Wheel Of Legends multi-game is set to take off! “Our priority,” says CEO Josep Maria Roig about providing customers an unbeatable gaming experience in all aspects–from VIP suites for those who want it extra chic or large screen TVs throughout so no one miss out due not having heard about your latest party.

Wheel of Legends is a new, multiplayer card game that pits players against one another in an auction-like setting to buy or sell goods. It’s been very popular internationally where it originated but this will be Casino Barcelona’s first time hosting such events so we’re excited about seeing what happens!

“We couldn’t be more excited about the latest addition to our line of products. This is yet another great win for Zitro and we’re proud that it’s continuing with us into 2022! It was also really cool meeting all these Peruvian gamers last month; they are some of the most passionate people in gaming anywhere.”

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