The American golfer, Phil Mickelson has accumulated over $40 million in gambling losses.

$40 million in gambling losses

Phil Mickelson has always been one of the most successful golfers in America, but it seems like his finances haven’t agreeing with him. In an upcoming book about himself called “The Outsider,” we learn that he lost over $40 million dollars on gambling debts and other investments between 2019-2021!

Phil Mickelson is a golfing legend who has lost many millions of dollars over the course four years. He’s silent on how he managed to accumulate these losses, but one culprit might be his own prideful nature that lead him into bad decisions- like playing too much or investing poorly.`
The preview for Alan Shipnuck’s new book paints an interesting picture about what motivated our favorite California boy through some trying times financially: His ego got in way and caused more harm than good with all its big boastings towards other players (especially Tiger) As you can imagine this led plenty others astray too!

Golf is a game of skill, but it’s not free from the occasional betting scandal. The golfer’s love for gambling has been well documented – even though they tend to be very discreet about their losses thanks largely in part because this could result into severe consequences if caught by federal authorities! But as Shipnuck puts it “the massive scale on Mickelson’ s finances have never before been made public.”
Federal auditors conducted an extensive forensic examination connected with insider trading scheme perpetuated by professional gambler Billy Walters; among other things we learned that during 2007 alone he lost more than $25 million at casino online and bingo!

The documents I have seen seem to show that Mickelson has been investing money poorly for quite some time now, with an unnamed source telling me “with direct access”to the statements themselves. The $40 million figure is not surprising given his current struggles; however it does raise questions about where exactly he got all of those funds from in order maintain such lavish lifestyles? And how long will this last before something changes again…

He had one of the highest profiles in golf, but it turns out he was far from rich. His income taxed at about $40 million per year, according to Shipnuck who goes on a rough breakdown of finances after that number’s given by an anonymous source close with Mr Jones’ financials.

“The author has once again squarely placed himself at the center of a media storm by releasing explosive information regarding Jordan Pickford’s gambling habits. The report shows that he averages $2 million per year on betting sites, but this number is likely higher considering how many years we’re talking about here – over ten! With such high stakes comes big profits (and ulcers) if you win; unfortunately for our favorite bettor there are always those who will begrudge his success even though it was earned through honest work.”

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