The partnership between Axes and Hivestack will help to accelerate the time it takes for companies to develop new data products.


With the signing of this partnership, Fintech company Axes is now able to access one cutting edge marketing technology platform that will help them with their growth plans.

Hivestack is a new and disruptive digital advertising service that powers the buy side of programmable DOOH. Founded just last year, they are already present in over 25 countries worldwide with an impressive growth rate of 300% per month!

This new partnership will allow Axes to access the Hivestack supply-side platform. By connecting this platform to the Axes omnichannel demand-side platform, the company will be able to broadcast high-quality, programmable DOOH cross-channel media to over 25,000 Axes DOOH screens globally.

The company is looking forward to delivering content in new ways with this partnership. They plan on making it possible for users of the app store’s Axes, as well as other platforms like YouTube and Twitch TV let them know what they want their customers will see next time around!

The value-added services offered by Hivestack are bound to provide a boost for both their clients and the company itself. CEO Earle G Hall comments: ‘We’re very excited about this partnership as it offers our customers significant advantages on supply side with real time data, content expertise plus statistics that can be used in decision making.’

Hivestack COO Bruno Guerrero said, “We’re excited about the opportunity to enter this new market segment with their innovative platform. It offers many opportunities for generating revenue and we can’t wait until it launches!”

“The partnership between Hivestack and Axes is an exciting one that we believe will create extraordinary value for both parties. Our expertise, technology & data provide the fuel which powers this collaboration as it drives towards success.”

Axes is a company that provides cashless solutions and AI to governments, casinos in over 40 countries across the globe. They have an integrated media department which creates interactive DOOH experiences like advertising or content with clickable links for their clients’ websites.

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