In an all-ussie affair, PokerStars has announced another exciting promotion! This time they are teaming up with Oracle Red Bull Racing to give away free passes for their next event.

Oracle Red Bull Racing

It has been announced that PokerStars and Oracle Red Bull Racing will be taking their joint Formula One promotion one step further. The two organizations have revealed plans for yet another new era in which competitors from all over world battle it out on track, but this time not just those who can afford racing cars or even know how to drive them; rather these 24 future stars of the sport were chosen through an open call “designed” by F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone himself!
The qualifications process started back during last year’s Bahrain Grand Prix weekend when anyone attending either race could apply – no matter what country they came from…

This year, the luck of Red Spade Pass holders has been running out. The company is giving away another pass to F1 races with an exciting game that will be played on their site! Sign up now and you could win it all- including tickets for yourself or your favorite racing fan in residence at home.

The person who finishes in first place will receive a prize of €3,000. Second and third place winners get $2,888 and $2,400 each!
The European Poker Tour (EPT) is coming to Barcelona next month with an awesome mystery bounty on offer for poker players – sign up now before it fills up fast because there are only 24 spots available!!

Keep your eyes peeled for a little something special in this year’s Halloween Safety Dance. A Red Spade Pass is going to be added into one of the envelopes given out at knockout tournaments, and it could make all the difference on who comes out ahead!

The first day of The stars are coming out this week, with an Epicstakes poker event that’s going to be tough. But don’t worry because they’ve got you covered! More Red Spade Passes will continue being handed out and we can announcement new ways for people win these amazing prizes soon enough too.

The winners of this contest will be granted access to a once-in lifetime experience. They can attend the Brazilian Grand Prix, with flights and five nights lodging in Sao Paulo as well!

One lucky fan will be given the opportunity to meet with one of our drivers and learn more about how they get into their role as an Oracle Racing driver. They can also take home some great prizes, including a personalised message from them!

The lucky winners of this years Red Spade Pass will not just get to watch racing, they’ll also have the thrill and rewards that come from being close with driver! What’s more is all your dreams could come true if you’re one who wins. Think about it; personalized message from an Oracle winner (among other things), merchandise or even coaching sessions?! That would make any fan happy!!

This season has seen some fantastic moments both on and off the track as PokerStars works with Oracle Red Bull Racing. We want to bring entertainment for all of our fans, which is why this year’s series was so exciting!

“We’re excited about the potential partnership has for both parties. As our relationship continues to grow, I can’t wait until there are even more unique experiences available on PokerStars!”

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