Steam Tower Slot Review

Wear a pair of brass goggles and teleport back to the Victorian era with NetEnt Steam Tower slot.
Steam Tower is set in a specific time period even though it isn’t based on reality. The story also has a timeless quality to it that spans generations.

In this one, the goal is to climb to the top of the tower and fight a dragon, in order to save a princess.
As you continue, the win multiplier will steadily increment and there may be times where you’re rewarded with a coin bonus as well.

Steam Tower is a 5-reel slot game with 3 rows and 15 fixed paylines. It’s a classic that’s easy to get the hang of, thanks to its straightforward reel system which offers players plenty of opportunities to collect.
A winning line appears when symbols in a row across the reels match.

There’s a lot of cool gadgets around in the game. You’ve got gears, levers and lots of other bits poking out everywhere.

Above the game panel, you can see the hero of the game. They are holding some kind of retro high tech climbing device, while in the distance you can see smoggy outlines of what is presumably somewhere like 19th century London.

NetEnt has done a good job representing the Steampunk genre by making it a central part of this slot.

Steam Tower Slot Overview

Steam Tower Slot Review

The game’s maximum winrate might not be the best it can be, but all the other stats it produces are fantastic.

First, players can hit a winning combo about one-third of the time, which has been recorded as 32.81%.
The return-to-player is even better at 97.04%, while there’s a medium level of volatility for gamers who want to place a bet.

The pay symbols show a bunch of different imagery.

They start by picking low-value cards that are poorly suited to their strategy and target the opponent’s engineering.

These symbols have a payout of 3.33x to 10x the stake, depending on how many lines they match on.

Moving up the list we find tower, princess, hero, and dragon. These high-value symbols.

Landing 5 of these on a line rewards you with a payout of 20 to 133.33 times your stake.

If you’re up for it, we should dig into the features.

Steam Tower Slot Bonus Game

Steam Tower Slot Bonus

When you spin the reels in this game, it may seem like stacked wild symbols finish off any winning combos (to replace standard symbols).

If one or more of these scatter symbols land during the game, 10 free spins will be awarded, and you’ll have the chance to spot some of these wilds.

During the bonus round, meters appear at the bottom of the screen (floor, free spins left and multiplier) that display relevant information for you.

The feature starts on floor 1 where the wins are multiplied by 2.

Whenever you get a wild symbol in the bonus game, you’ll get 2 more free spins (and an additional step on the hero’s journey).

The game will become more difficult as the player advances in levels. The multiplier increases to 2x on Floor 1-3, 3x on Floor 4-6 and 5x on Floor 10-12.

All the way to level 16, you’re awarded a 1,000 coin prize. This is 66.66x of your total stake! Wilds also keep on coming which means when your free spins finally run out, you can use any other free spins or multipliers you’ve managed to accumulate. There’s no limit to how many free games continue.

Steam Tower Slot Payouts

Steam Tower Online Slot

Steam Tower has a higher RTP than the industry average and is surely a good thing.

Return to Player is the opposite of House Edge and this tells you what you can expect the game to pay out in the long run. In this case, it’s 3%.

This game has medium volatility and is suitable for everyone. You can also learn about the martingale system – hope you have good luck!

Steam Tower slots is a steampunk themed game that’s been designed with Victorian era environments. It’s a world full of fantasy adventures.

The slot itself has 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 fixed paylines. On the left is a well-dressed Hero, with his grappling gun in hand.

For this game, it’s important to trigger free spins and save your rescue mission damsel in distress.

In the game of Steam Tower, players can get really far by using different strategies. You should practice spinning the reels with different symbols beforehand so you know how each one plays.

The lowest value symbols in the game are the playing card symbols from jack to ace. Ace is worth 150x multipliers but find five on a payline to get your potentially big payout.

The Steam Tower is a symbol in the story and so is the princess. The engineer is too.

Landing five wilds on a single line is worth the 1,000x multiplier.

The most valuable symbol of the game is the “dragon eye”. When you’re able to line up five symbols on one row, then it will trigger a max jackpot of 2,000x (basically meaning that you’ll get 2000 times your bet).


Steam Tower Slot Machine

Steampunk is definitely a popular gaming topic, but there’s still tons of opportunities if you want to explore it.

NetEnt have been designing one of the earliest and most successful example of this sort of game in their classic Steam Tower.

This game was released in 2015 and has remained a favourite among players who play time time again to take on the tower with the dragon. Who knows why they have a dragon, but it all kind of makes sense somehow.

Steam Tower might not be a wildly successful and deep game, but it does a lot of neat things to keep players engaged.

One of Steam Tower’s coolest, most memorable features is its visuals. Even though it’s an older game, the masterpiece level graphics and impressive soundtrack really helps build the suspense in every level.

Steam Tower also has some pretty cool features- the game can level up during free spins, and if you go far enough, you might meet the red dragon lord in the final stage.

Unlike platform-based video games though, it’s possible to make money from Steam Tower as you go up.
The jackpots on this game are not as big as you would find on a lot of other casino slots, but they’re going to pay out up to 1633x your bet during free spins which is pretty decent.

Players are often drawn to the game because it has a high hit-rate, good prize values and a decent Return to Player (RTP).

It’s hard to make it all the way up to the 26th floor, but Steam Tower does their best to keep you occupied on your climb.

NetEnt has designed one of the more (if not the most) memorable entries in this genre, able to thrill casual gamblers as much as others who prefer to use it for wagering.

If you’re tired of stuffy, dark games then Steam Tower has a more lighthearted theme that might still satisfy your gaming needs.

Steam Tower slot from NetEnt is compatible with all mobile/tablet/PC devices. You can enjoy the game anywhere you want to.

Take yours Steam Tower slot machine with you so that you can play on the go. You’ll be able to use it on your Android device or on your iPhone and iPad.

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