Starlight Princess Slot Review

Most online slots pay when matching symbols land left to right across the reels. But developer Pragmatic Play has proven themselves bold enough to go against this normal way of things, as seen in their recent releases Sweet Bonanza and Gates Of Olympus.

A few years ago it would’ve been hard-pressed for me at all trying find an interesting slot machine that didn’t follow what most people think about when playing them; whether or not they should be able rely on any one symbol alone without having other icons nearby who could help fill out wins along with giving back spent coins/tokens etcetera – but now there seems no end really.

The game, Starlight Princess is an anime/manga themed turn based RPG that utilises the same pay mechanic as Play’n GO’s classic Moon Princess. However this time around you’re in control of a female protagonist who must save her kingdom from destruction by traveling through six different worlds using stars instead coins!

It might sound like something related to Gates Of Olympus but don’t worry since Pragmatic Play has created another straight clone called Starlighte Princess.

The Moon Princess and Starlight Princess have a lot in common, but one thing they do not share is their box design. The sequence of wins on the left displays what’s happening while our wide-eyed protagonist flaps her wings midair to match right side’s counterpart who gasps for air populism at its finest.

In this game both screens show off different versions: In some ways you can say that these two main characters are quite alike because each scene shows them doing something impossible or risky without any consequences – for example when an anime man jumps into water feetfirst so he won’t be captured by pirates during national crisis moments such as war zones where people were being rounded up.

Where Starlight Princess is all about the bang, Moon Princess has more of a dreamlike quality to it. The screens are carried by moonbeams and stars in an otherworldly sky while clouds scroll by on either side like they’re telling stories from long ago; this fantasy world will be perfect for anyone that loves musicals with some edge!

Slot Overview

Starlight Princess Slot

The engine that powered Gates of Olympus is used again for Starlight Princess, meaning similar numbers and stats are generated. The default RTP value (in percentage) remains at 96%. However there can be less generous versions running with a lower rate such as 95% or even 94%, so lookout if you’re playing those!

The high volatility of this slot machine makes it a popular choice among gamblers. Pragmatic Play has rated the game 5 out 5, identical to its predecessor but with higher stakes available for players who prefer greater betting options at their disposal – starting low at 0.20 cents and rising up towards $100 per spin! Just like in previous versions there’s also an Ante Bet feature which gives you another chance during each round when all other chances have been exhausted; do not forget about these exciting features while playing on any one website or platform because they may come into play unexpectedly without much warning.

Unlike traditional slot games, where the outcome of each spin relies on whether or not you land consecutive wins with same-colored symbols landing next to one another – all Pragmatic Play’s paylines do is give out coins if 8 matching items can be seen by players.

The first five pay lines are all gems of various shapes, followed by four symbols with stars imprinted on them. The higher your bet volume gets the better! You can land anywhere from 12-50 times what you stake if at least one star appears in any given round – which makes this game very exciting and lucrative for players who love risk taking abilities (like myself). There’s also those wild cards that could make things messy; I hope no one uses too many though because then it will end up being harder than necessary…
My advice: always keep moving forward until something good happens!

Slot Bonus Game

Starlight Princess Slot Bonus

The star-spangled sequel to the original game is here! This time around, you’re not just playing for points but also with an ante bet. When all your wins have been paid off and symbols disappear from grid after being cleared away in Tumble Mode – that’s when we start getting really wild (and reckless).

When the game begins, a curtain of symbols appears on top. They start tumbling down and new combinations can be made by replacing any empty spaces with various symbolices; there’s no limit how many wins you’ll get!

The green, blue and pink symbols are present on all reels which can increase your chances of getting a multiplier hit. These lucky tokens will show up at random during any spin or from tumble!

Whenever a symbol lands on the screen, it takes an random value from x2 up until x500. When this tumbling sequence ends with no more symbols to come in for awhile; then all multiplier icons’ values are added together and applied as said final prize amount before calculating what you will be awarded at hand!

The more scatter symbols that appear on the screen, the higher your chances of winning! If a multiplier lands anywhere during free spins it will increase ransacked by 15. Get ready for some big payouts when this happens because there is no other time like now with all multipliers at once starting happening right away after landing 5 multiplier awards.

The more multiplier symbols that appear, the higher your chances of winning! If 3 or 4 are displayed at once then you will receive an additional 5 free spins.

Lastly, players can increase their chances of triggering free spins by activating the Ante Bet. This increases stakes to 50%.

The player’s luck will be doubled if they take this bet!


Starlight Princess Slot for Free

The Starlight Princess slot machine is an online casino favorite for good reason. This game has one of the highest potential payouts in all categories with up to 30 different awards possible based on matching symbols anywhere across your monitor!

The nine basic symbols in this game are the Yellow Gem that will give you between 0.25 and 2 times your bet, a light blue stone for up to 4 you bet with each spin on it’s reel; green gems can also help players acquire 5 times their original amount!
With the help of these special gems, you’ll be able to increase your stake by a factor up 8 times. The total amount will then receive 1:10 secondary profit!

The star sign represents some of the most lucrative symbols in gambling. The base bet will be multiplied by 2 to 15 times with your moon stake, but it doesn’t stop there! We also have hearts that offer between 2-25X their original value and suns which can give up 50%.

The scatter icon is one of the most popular icons in gambling. It pays between 3 and 100 times your total bet, which makes it an excellent choice for players who want to get their money’s worth!


Starlight Princess Slot Payouts

Starlight Princess is a game of explorations, where you’re tasked with lighting up various scenes in order to find hidden objects. The story follows an amiable princess who has many similarities to other characters from the series; however it’s not really anything special or different than what we’ve seen before if players have played any previous entries into this genre already since there isn’t much left over after playing those types stories (little backstory) which could warrant additional investigation by gamers looking forward too seeing how things turn out at their next session.

There is no doubt that multipliers made all the difference in Free Spins. Building a good one early could snowball into something great, which was satisfying! Like Gates of Olympus did not have an impossible max win amount like Sweet Bonanza’s 20k x+. However Starlight Princess keeps it realistic by sticking close to Pragmatic Play usuals at 5K.

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