Starburst Slot Review

The NetEnt slot game, Starburst is one of the most popular online slots with over 100000 coins wagered wins. This 5 reel 10 payline adventure has an arcade feel and focuses on wild symbols that appear in 3 positions alt-middle which can expand giving you up too 3 reels triggering bonus rounds where stars are awarded for higher amounts won! Simple gameplay makes this mesmerizing perfect if your looking for some fun gambling action.

The coin value and level boxes allow you to adjust your bet accordingly. The reels also have 10 fixed paylines in play, so spin away from £0.1 up until 100 pounds per line!

Autoplay is a great option to have when playing Starburst. You can choose from 10, 25 or 50 spins and if you want more of an challenge there’s 500+750 depending on how much skillful playtime we should give the player before they stop automatically advancing through games after single wins that exceed certain limits with balances increasing/decreasing by amounts set in advance according their preferences which allow them play responsibly – or not.

It’s possible for players to win 500 times their stake on any one spin! This game has an amazing 22.65% Hit Frequency which means you’ll be in plenty of matches where the prize money will add up quickly – even if it doesn’t feel like enough at first glance because smaller wins. Each time your bet selection changes, there is another chance that something spectacular could happen such as getting five oranges out ten turns (a 1/10 probability). With all these great opportunities present throughout gameplay.

The Starburst slot game has an RTP% of 96.09%, which means that every £100 spinning will result in a return worth close to 97 pounds sterling! This makes it one heckuva deal if you’re looking for some good luck – but don’t bet your whole bankroll on each spin because there’s no guarantee what’ll happen next time around either way.. The average % across all players within 1 year was calculated at this rate so practice caution when playing large stakes money games online with real cash funds involved.

Starburst is a visually stunning slot machine that takes you into outer space with its rich soundtrack and high- definition graphics. The game has been updated many times since it’s initial release, making this an excellent choice for gamers looking to keep their games fresh!

You will feel like you are in an arcade with all of the lights and sounds. There is even flashing text to make your experience more exciting! The soundtrack stays calming but gets louder when forming a winning combination which builds up quickly before satisfyingly rewarding outcome.

The sound effects remind me that this game was designed for people who love playing gambling games such as slot machines, roulette wheels etc., because they have electrical background music/electronic noises.

Starburst Slot Overview

The NetEnt Starburst slot is one of the most iconic and well-known slots on earth, loved by gamers everywhere. This jewel filled galaxy themed game has been featured in countless welcome bonuses over time – it’s no wonder why! You can also find this popular machine at online casinos all across Europe as well as North America where players enjoy its simple gameplay with exciting bonus features that keep them coming back for more..

The soothing sounds and visuals of Starburst make it one of the most popular slots games in recent memory. The initial sensory effect brings players back time after time, with its simple yet appealing graphics that twinkle gently against a backdrop richly colored like stars across an eerily glowing universe.
The audio portion also deserves mention- there’s always something exciting happening such as hitting winners which results into jazzy EDM tracks playing over loud noises whenever these events occur.

The game’s retro design is a throwback to an earlier time, when video games were simpler and more community-oriented. The overall presentation feels modest but it still manages not only look good on today’s technology frontiers; you can tell this machine was designed with care in order for its nostalgia value because there are many aspects of gameplay reminiscent from our youth!

Slot Bonus Games

The Starburst slot game features an expanded wild functionality that will allow you to get more chances of winning. The 1 bonus feature includes reels with spinning colors, and when these lands on top there is a 50x multiplier for all symbols except for scatter coins which gives 100X their total value!

Is one of those slots that has a bit more going on than just your average machine. You’ll find the usual free games feature in here, but players also get to experience something new with their very own wild symbol! It substitutes for all other symbols and only appears on reel 2-4 when it lands anywhere inside those areas during gameplay which makes this game stand out from others because there are so many different possibilities available based off what happens before you start spinning.

The player’s best bet would be hope luck favours them by landing multiple stars burst onto each screen – should he/she do.

Starburst Wilds are wild and give you a chance to win big! If three appear on your reel, they will expand over the entire game board. They stay like this for as long as you win want them there or until something else happens – such another star appears which also has its own special ability; once all these happenings have taken place then players receive an additional turn with no reels active but still able spin whatever ones were unlocked during that round.

Fill the 3 middle reels with Starburst Wilds and you could get a total of three spins. The feature only ends when no new star burst symbols appear during one spin, so it’s easy to fill all 15 spaces on each reel by using this strategy! You’ll be getting 500 x your stake back if done correctly – sounds good doesn’t it?


You can play Starburst with five reels and ten paylines, which means there is always something happening on the screen. You might be surprised by how much you won’t see when playing this game because of its high maximum winning potential!

If you love the feel of fruit slots but want something with more substance, then Starburst might be for you. It has similar gameplay characteristics as other slot machines – just reels filled will bright gemstones instead cherries and oranges!

The reels of this slot still proudly display the traditional 7’s and BAR symbol. A multicolor star expands over your reel whenever an image appears for just one spin, replacing all other symbols on those positions during that round!

Watch out for the star lights that appear throughout your reel with this two-way payline. They’ll help you get regular wins!

When it comes to slot machines, you’ll want the BAR and 7 as your most valuable symbols. The yellow gems are next in line while green or red will be less valuable than these top two items on any given reel combination/line pair-up! Blue stones can also bring down what would have been an otherwise high paying outcome if they show up near some other color during gameplay; purple doesn’t seem very important at first glance but don’t forget about those low paid icon types – they might just end up making all of difference when push comes win (literally)!


NetEnt’s Starburst is a straightforward gaming at its finest and one of the most popular slot games around. It features low volatility, pay-both ways mechanics that are soothing to play with ample graphics for your viewing pleasure as well! Despite numerous imitators over time none have been able quite emulate what makes this original so special – but don’t worry because you can still find it online right here on our website along side all other great options from NetEnt themselves.

I’m sure we’re not alone in wondering why anyone would want anything else when they’ve got such an awesome game like Starburst!

Starburst might not sound super exciting since there are so few features to go with the modest potential. It certainly isn’t a slot you play for intricate gameplay or life-changing piles of coins, yet it has achieved an illustrious position as one among Online Slots All Time Greatest Hits list due its popularity among players across all platforms worldwide!

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