Reactoonz Slot Review

Reactoonz is a fun, 7×7 slot game with cascading symbols. Symbols drop down to form winning combinations as you achieve wins by landing at least five symbols in a connected cluster – horizontal or vertical. When you play in Classic mode, there is a multiplier for each win of five symbols or more.In Infinite mode, your wins are continuously topped up by the multiplier after every win.

In every level, only the symbols under a winning line are removed and new symbols drop down to fill in the gaps. The game steadily progresses until there’s no more empty space for new winning combinations.
All your wins during a game round contribute simultaneously to increasing the Quantum Leap charge meters one by one . The charge meter stops increasing once it has reached ten.If you lose a game round, the overall Quantum Leap charge meters decrease by one.

Once a quantum meter is fully charged, one of the following quantum features will be added to your queue randomly: A new color scheme, An updated particle effect.

Implosion: Transforms 3 to 6 symbols into wild symbols, and removes all adjacent symbols.

Potentially interesting, but it might be hard to make it work with different symbols. It might also be too general or have a unique usage in another type of game.

To demolish: Destroy all one-eyed symbols and any matching symbol.

Incision: It cuts a wild symbol into the center and creates two intersecting diagonal lines. The lines will show the same random symbol. Cleavage: It cuts a wild symbol into the center and creates two parallel lines. The lines will show a random symbol. Fracture: It cracks wild symbols into three or more pieces.

When meter one to five meters are fully charged, the player can add a Gargantoon Reward to their queue. When a Gargantoon Reward is added to the queue, the player is told that it will take some time for this item to be delivered. The player must wait for a certain number of seconds before the item can be collected.

The Gargantoon first generates a wild symbol and randomly places it on the grid.

The pattern begins with two pairs of 2×2 wild symbols, then descends to nine 1×1 symbols.

New symbols appear from the top of the screen to fill in any gaps you might have before selecting them.

Press the arrow keys to select an icon. The text box is where you type and edit text, documents, and other content.

If run out of cascades, the Quantum feature will kick in. This will allow you to keep playing, as it will provide more chances for wins.

The charge meters reset at the end of every game round. If there are no more winning combinations, they do not reset again. The charge meter does not reset until the player has given up and exited the game.If a player achieves a winning combination, then their charge meter will deplete by 1% and change color from white to yellow. The charge meter changes back to white when no more winning combinations are achieved.

Reactoonz Slot Overview

Reactoonz Slot Overview

Welcome to our Play`n GO Reactoonz slot review. We scrutinize the design, interface and paytable of the cute and cuddly explorer-themed cascading game. Playn GO is a software developer and provider of gaming solutions. They have brought us the popular Play`n GO Reactoonz slot machine, which was released in 2020. The company has really captured the hearts of online casino players with their video slots that are suitable for all players, from beginners to advanced gamblers. In this review, we will uncover the features and gameplay behind this jackpot winner.

This is a game of 3D grids on which you can play with 7×7 grids and get wins. The game offers various kinds of winning symbols that are removed as new ones appear in their place.

At first glance, Reactoonz slot might seem out of this world for an online slot game. However, Reactoonz review will give you a full rundown of what we think about this game and whether or not it is worth the play. Reactoonz will take you on a rollercoaster ride through space and time where you are going to receive some solid jackpots. The background of this game is an outer space scene with stars as the main colors that have been overlaid with what appears to be a detailed image of the solar system. The symbols in this game are also diverse, with vibrant colors throughout.

Reactoonz Slot Bonus Game

Reactoonz Slot Bonus Games

Reactoonz has many bonuses that could be of interest. For example, there are monthly deposit bonuses and additional rewards on top of a first investment. It is worth checking out what else Reactoonz can offer to you! Claim your first investment today and start playing with a Reactoonz slot machine!

There are 5 different bonuses you can win, each one rewarded for consecutive spins in the same round.
Each time you fill up the Quantum Leap machine with energy, you can trigger bonuses. You might get a bonus for each jump you make, or if you had multiple wins that triggered a bonus..TIP: The Quantum Leap machine is full of energy, but it will recharge over time if you don’t use it.

It’s disappointing that there are currently no free spin bonuses, but this game does allow you to win big prizes with the multiplying cascade feature.

There are two other features which also trigger when playing.

The first one is Instability, where the Gargantoon drops 4-8 wild symbols on the grid.

The other side is called Gigantoonz and it happens when four of one symbol line up in a row. This creates a square worth 2x points of the other symbols on either side. A perfect example is a row of game tiles and the Giantoonz would be created in such an arrangement as 216, 236, 246, 268. A great deal would also be possible if there were 5 tiles all on top of each other.

Reactoonz Slots Payouts

Reactoonz Slots Payouts

It doesn’t matter if your alien has 1 eye, 2 or 3, it’s still possible to find them cute. This can actually be seen as something positive and gives more of a reason to take them home.

This game is full of darling aliens who are just excited to be reunited with their spaceship buddies.

It doesn’t matter if your alien is one-eyed, two or three, there’s just something so sweet about them that you’ll have the overwhelming urge to take them home.

Symbols cascade downwards from the top of the screen and fill up the grid in a game that is reminiscent of Connect 4.

Getting five of the same color in a row is a winning combination.

The cracking retro-futuristic 8-bit soundtrack is a highlight of the game, and lends a nice hand to its lighthearted sense of humor and the space theme.

One of the slots that really give you a great vibe is both packed with features and includes your favourite characters.

Reactoonz Slot Conclusion

Reactoonz Slots Machine

At first, Reactoonz can seem a bit tricky to use. In reality, it’s easy-to-learn and you should have the hang of it in no time!

Play’n GO specializes in cluster slots which are becoming more and more popular.

The potential for new gameplay elements is present, and the main game provides a lot of action and tension when trying to charge the meters.

The game engine is excellent the mathematical model works despite its volatility.

Reatoonz can be hard to deal with, though.

When you lose a significant amount of progress in a game, it’s not unusual to reach the point where you’re too far away from that progress and it can’t be regained.

And the Gargantoon will also be positioned in the worst possible place on the grid.

Reactoonz is one of Play’n GO’s finest cluster slots and their best game ever.

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