The two organizations, GamCare and Interventions Alliance will be tackling gambling harm in the criminal justice system.

Interventions Alliance

What a great partnership. Britain’s criminal justice system is getting an intervention of its own, designed to confront gambling-related harms within it!

The researchers found that prison inmates in England and Wales were more likely to have experienced harmful effects from gambling than their counterparts on the outside.

The gambling world has never been more welcoming to new approaches. This time, GamCare and Interventions Alliance will be testing out a program that’s designed specifically for people with issues who want help overcoming their addiction or preventing themselves from getting started in the first place!

The eight sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy will help you explore the roots of your gambling problem and work towards a positive future. This programme offers hope for those who are struggling!

“The Interventions Alliance is excited to partner with GamCare, as we believe there’s vital work that needs doing in support of those who have gambling addictions. We can’t wait for what the future holds,” said Suki Binning Chief Social Worker and Executive Director.

“We need to take a page from the rehab book and provide more than just treatment for our addicts. We should also help them find productive outlets, like betting responsibly on sports.”

This is all in line with what GamCare has been doing for years, but it also takes things one step further. They’re not just helping people who have already suffered losses; they want to make sure that no gamer ever needs grieving again!

It is hoped that this new programme will be the perfect complement to all of your work. The goal? To create more opportunities and partnerships for support, learning & insight-gathering!

Anna Hemmings, CEO of GamCare said “We are excited to work with Interventions Alliance on this new partnership. The goal is to ensure that people who need help have access and understanding about mental health.”

The integration of gambling support with criminal justice and offending behaviour expertise will be a valuable opportunity to build on the work that already exists.

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