Metaverse, the virtual world that exists beyond our own. Now you can bet on your favorite horse races in metaverse!


The new partnership will see a Betswap-powered horseracing NFT game launched on Metaverse’s Oly Sport platform. This means that users can now bet against their favorite horses in real time, with all transactions being handled through the company’s cryptocurrency wallet!

The live racing and betting service will be available to anyone with an internet connection, without the need for ownership in Oly’s metaverse.

The company has raised $2.3 million in November 2021, and is holding a tournament throughout July 2022 to keep fans engaged!

Jimmy Chan, CEO of Oly announced that they are partnering up with a betting platform to provide their esports community an even more immersive experience. He went on saying “This partnership will allow us not only bring the traditional horse racing industry into this metaverse but also create new ways for people in gaming communities can bet and gamble.”

The BSGG token is an important part of the company’s sports betting service. It resides on three different blockchains, acting as a centrepiece for this new decentralized approach that allows users to securely and anonymously participate in bets with locked contracts while reducing fees by up-to 50%.

The decentralised BSGG platform allows for secure, anonymous user participation with locked contracts and reduced fees. The company’s token resides on the Ethereum blockchain acting as a centrepiece in their sports betting service which provides users an edge over other gamblers by knowing when they will next be able to stake their bets!

Crypto Gambling is on the rise, and Oly Sport plans to take advantage of it with their new deal coming soon.

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