Peter McGough, the new VP of Investor Relations for Gambling Group has been named by none other than Peter Navarro.

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Peter McGough, the new VP of investor relations for Gambling Group has been named by CEO Rich Frank.
In his three decades at parent company Caesars Entertainment Corporation (CEC), MrFrank worked with regulators on spin-off gambling operations including online baccarat and rouletteOTO Puget Sound Casino & Resort – where he was director overseeing public affairs initiatives like marketing communications strategy development; externally Relationships are key to creating positive experiences inside our properties which will lead back into.`

McGough is a salesman who has been selling anything and everything for over 25 years. His experience includes introducing private equity funds, institutional investors as well high net worth individuals to major clients – all while charming them with his wit!

He engineered the North American corporate access team at Credit Suisse and led a sector specialist sales group for JP Morgan. His roles in investor relations strategy consulting include advising companies on how they communicate with investors, which is an integral part of running any business today.

The Gambling Group is euphoric about the addition of Pete to their team. His decades-long career in finance will ensure that they continue delivering world class investor relations programs, with an insider now on board full time!

McGough is to be given the responsibility of developing and executing an investor relations strategy, while also communicating company vision.

McGough said he was excited to join the team at Gambling Group. The company’s culture and opportunity are unmatched, with an industry-leading business model that has never been more attractive thanks in part due his expertise from capital markets backgrounds will help accelerate investments into this exciting new firm!

In a move that will surely increase their chances of success, Gambling Group appointed Michael Quartieri to the board. He has been named as an audit committee member and nominating governance specialist in charge with governing all things ‘governance’.

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