Pariplay has added Playgon to their already expansive list of gaming offerings.


This year, Pariplay has expanded its offering to include the games portfolio of Playgon. This is a new addition for Fusion users who will be able use these slots and other offerings at their leisure in exchange for points that can then go toward purchasing items from an online shopping mall or gambling tables where players wager credits against each other as well-established brands like blackjack are also available.
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When it comes to playing mobile live dealer casino games, Playgon is a developer that has an approach and technology different from other companies. With their progressive web application (PWA) tech in place for streaming purposes across all types of blackjack or roulette tables; users can enjoy top quality entertainment with no download necessary!

Want to play some games with your friends? Playgon offers a variety of eTables that you can enjoy alone or together. Whether it’s just the two people in this world who seem most suited for each other, there is always room at one person’s table!
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“The new Pariplay product line is designed to provide an exciting and interactive gaming experience for both players at home as well as those who play on the go,” said Director of Partnerships Callum Harris.

“Based on what we know about Playgon so far, it seems like their games will be a perfect fit for Fusion Casino. They have live dealer casino and etable game offerings which promise to provide players with an entertaining experience no matter where they’re playing from in the world!”
Fusion Online Games has recently welcomed another high-quality gaming provider – this time around bringing along some of both Tableau Software’s best features as well Live Dealer Casinos! Players can enjoy all sorts or multiplayer fun thanksgiving style via Billions Criminal Gangs…

Pariplay doesn’t just offer a game. They want to take your whole experience up another notch with their Fusion package that consists of more than 14000 games from 80 suppliers, along side some tools for back office conversion and retention needs!

Playgon President and CEO Darcy Krogh expressed that Pariplay’s Fusion platform will allow them reach new customers in high-profile markets like China, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Poland etc.

“Parity Gaming is excited about this partnership with Pariplay. The agreement will allow us to accelerate our growth and innovation even further!”

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