Mongol Treasures Slot Review

A Mongol-themed slot game designed by Endorphina can be found at casinos that offer Endorphina software.

Endorphina are a newer casino software company but they’ve managed to secure deals with some of the largest online casinos out there, so you’re in one way or another bound to come across them.

Endorphina has it so that they publish their RTP information for their slots games in the game’s help file or on the paytables.

As a software provider not licensed in the UK, we don’t have to provide this information as it’s not required by law.

The first thing you will notice in Mongol Treasures is the 5 reel slots game. This means that each reel is 3 symbols high, and the 10 paylines play from left to right.

With high quality graphics, Mongol Treasures evokes the soul of Mongolia. The sound of the traditional Mongolian instrument, morin khuur, adds to this experience and accentuates the genuine nature of this game.

The nomadic scene on top features mountains, yellow grasslands and a couple of gers dotted across the background with horses running around.

On the game’s reel there are various symbols such as black, brown and white horses and nomads clothed in traditional attire.

One thing that should be briefly mentioned is the image of a card deck. The game has 5 reels and 3 rows. With 10 paylines, players can place bets on all their favorite numbers for a chance to win some medals.

Getting a win will automatically give you a buzz delight you. Occasionally, we’ll hear appropriate sounds for the theme, like horse whinny. Keep on reading to learn more about this slot.

Mongol Treasures Slot Overview

Mongol Treasures Slot Overview

Before starting Mongol Treasures there’s a few things you need to do to set it up the way you want. The betting amount can be seen below the reels.

You can set the coin size from 0.05 to 0.5, with the maximum being 100 coins per spin. The player can also control the coin size and select from 0.1 to 2 coins per spin.

The maximum bet for a spin with the coin size of 0.5 would be 500.00 coins per spin.

You can adjust the number of paylines by pressing the Lines button in the bottom left.

This slot offers 1-10 paylines and can be played with bitcoin. You can also use regular FIAT currency. Keep in mind that the gameplay can vary depending on what you choose.

Hit the Spin button to get started on this Mongolian lotto game!

The button is on the right side and below the reels. See the Auto button next to it – this one spins automatically.

This slot has a nice feature in which they count the wins. Additionally, they have a turbo button.

If you click on the button the reels will spin faster which will, in turn, increase gameplay speed. The background sound control button is located on the top-right side of the screen.

Mongol Treasures Slot Bonus Games

Play Mongol Treasures Slot

As one of the older slots by Endorphina, Mongol Treasures makes use of a few standard features to spice up gameplay.

I am sure not that many people will be surprised for these changes, but I found the game to have some interesting changes.

The Scatter symbol is represented as a Mongolian Girl, with the top prize on offer worth up to 2000 coins.
It has two different functions – of substitution and triggering and can appear on any reel, both in the base game as well as the bonus round.

It is a wildcard for all other symbols in the game and keeps coming up when you need it most.

If you get three or more scatter on the screen at the same time then you will trigger the free spins bonus.

However, we will go into the free spins feature below. What’s important to note is that in Mongol Treasures, getting 5 of the wild/scatter symbol can lead to huge winnings.

However, for our readers who are more interested in the monetary answer, what’s the symbol with the highest payoff? The Mongolian man.

After getting five of them and with the help of the Wild substituting – this is, without a doubt, the largest reward this game has to offer.

We are talking about a 5000x the stake win – that’s a whole lot if you’re betting the max!

The free spins mode was triggered often enough for it to feel like a real part of the slot machine but not so often that it was a major boon.

I think my wins during this game mode helped me make up for my spending in base game.

The in-game volatility makes this game even more of a gamble, which is exactly the type of play that the creators were going for as it adds to the excitement. I enjoyed how the Expanding Reels mean even more opportunities to win.

Free Spins mode is one of the best parts of this game! During this mode one of the Free Spin symbols will be selected randomly. What it does is it’ll appear on – for example – 3 reels, when there’s a possible win.

Mongol Treasures Payouts

Mongol Treasures Payouts

Mongol Treasures is visually simple, but it produces great sound effects.

If you love games and are looking for an awesome soundtrack, this is the slot for you!

If you want to hear the music, you have to turn it on first. But when you do, a beautiful and melancholic tune will fill the air.

Mongol Treasures is based on the Mongol dynasty and has symbols drawn from it. There’s characters in traditional clothes and of course countless horses!

The artwork is well-drawn and I like that when they’re part of a winning line, they animate for a short moment. It’s not much but it’s still good to see the creators went through some effort to make the game more enjoyable!

The symbols are really clear and easy to distinguish, so you’ll easily know when there is a win.

The line that indicates which payline is winning isn’t as noticeable, making it hard to see.

With Mongol Treasures slot, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for the Lady symbol.

You could say that it’s the scatter symbol in the game and has the power to unleash serious cash prizes.

We can tell that Endorphina is serious about this game because their scatter symbols provide excellent action.

Walking alongside the major Lady scatter symbol are the standard 1 to 10 low-value symbols, along with some other popular horse icons.


Mongol Treasures Slot for Free

Mongol Treasures is one of those games we’ve seen a dozen times before by Endorphina, but it’s not lacking any elements that could make it interesting.

Though it has some simplistic additions, the graphics are okay, and it skips out on the soundtrack, this game is pretty cool!

The big difference here is that these features feel more involved and offer as much rewarding gameplay as they contribute too.

Free spins are the best way to earn big prizes! They can activate a lot less often than you would like, but when they do it usually means big wins.

For example, the max win in this game is 5,000x your bet!

To make things even more exciting, players can place bets of between $0.10 and $100 with Endorphina slots- just one of the casino’s 200+ slot games of Endorphina.

The game felt very even, so I was never overinvested in it. I was able to stay in the middle, which was pretty comfortable and helped me keep tabs on my investment/risk ratio. If you’re looking for a classic video slot with some interesting features but not too much complexity (and you want to go wild), then this should be a good fit.

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