Money Train 2 Slot Review

It’s finally arrived, so get ready and jump in. This is the best train ride you’ll ever go on, so don’t miss it!
The game developer behind this game, Relax Gaming has put tons of effort into creating the next sequel in the series. Prepare to be blown away by its AMAZING level of MAXIMUM EXCELLENCE.

Money Train slot machine has a decent volatility, with a minimum bet of 0.10 and maximum bet of 20. You play on 5 reels on 4 rows, with 40 paylines in total. The maximum prize you can win is 20000 coins. The Wild symbol is the Scatter symbol and it also acts as a multiplier for your stake. There are also 2 bonus games with a max stake of 100 coins per spin, with 10 free spins for every 3rd win round in the bonus game.

The first game was a smash hit! But it turns out, this sequel is even better. Apparently the RTP is 96.4%, which can be increased to 98% through some in-game purchase called ‘bonus buy’. It turns out, there is another game on the market, with a 98.4% RTP and it costs half as much.

It also has a remarkably high maximum return of up to 50’000 times the amount you have placed in a bet. This is because, unlike many other slot games, this game has a maximum jackpot of up to 50,000 coins with an average jackpot value.

Having listened to the players of their previous game, Relax Gaming has built on and improved the features that were lacking in their predecessor. One can sense a renewed buzz as they start up their next slot machine game.

Playing the casinos is generally seen as something to do occasionally, but with higher probabilities of winning, it’s not just a way to escape reality for a little bit anymore. Plus it looks much more polished and professional on your device now, with all the various colors. All thanks to the introduction of the casinos on mobile devices, more people are playing than ever before.

Slot Overview

Money Train 2 Slot

Wild only acts as a wild card when there are no other symbols on the reels; it also doubles any payout that. Money Train 2 slot is reminiscent of the past, albeit with more futuristic technology in place. The game is rather simple and straightforward. There are six paylines that start from left to right and then go from left to right again. The player will encounter five different symbols in total.

This game gives the feel of a steam powered world where developed mechanisms were used in conjunction with the old western theme to create something visually compelling. The game is not without its flaws, mainly in the story and the lack of player immersion. That being said it is a well polished western themed action/adventure game that takes place in a steam-powered world.

Close your eyes and let the music take you on a journey.

The music has a pretty good mood-setting role and even during the straight spins, you’ll find this to be an engaging experience. However, it really gets engaging when the Money Cart Bonus Round happens – you’re sure to enjoy it a lot more then.

The casino business is set in a dystopian setting, like if Mad Max was still going and there were more people. You won’t see cars because it’s not a car society anymore, but you will see commuters taking up every last seat on a train.

A high-value item is only awarded to those who take their time and patiently await the right opportunity.

A high-quality treasure awaits anyone who has the patience to stay persistent and not get discouraged, who in turn will be rewarded with an item of great value.

Slot Bonus Game

Money Train 2 Slot Bonus

Much like the rest of Money Train 2, the features are hardly changed. They’ve just been enhanced to be much more powerful than the previous version of Money Train. This is a full version of game with options to add time in a row, set your own number of reps, and more!

Part 1 was a bit of a drab experience which was made less bland by one new feature in the base game- deathmatch where each player will take on the role of an assassin and compete to be the first to reach an “assassination spot” set up in advance. That feature is now in the Game of the Year edition, but the implementation is subpar.

It’s not always a pleasant experience to play a slot machine game and not hear the sound of winning bells ringing when you get a scatter symbol.

A Respin is a feature that is triggered by 2 Scatters landing on the reels. Each scatter reveals a multiplier that’s added together and they trigger another spin of the wheel. On a 2x Respin the wheel will spin for twice as long and the multiplier is doubled. If a 3x Respin occurs, then the wheel will spin for three times as long and the multiplier is tripled. Multipliers are only active on respins (not on spins) and can be anywhere from 1x to 8x.

A re-spin will only stop once a winner appears. The multiplier applied to the total is increased by +1 for every non-winning spin. For example, if the first five spins are losers, then the multiplier increases from 1x to 2x on spin six, and so on. If an eventual winning reel comes up first, that multiplier will then be applied to.

The big one is the Money Cart Bonus Round – this is triggered when 3 or more scatter symbols are in-view. As this happens, night falls and a new grid rolls onto the screen with only special symbols.

The bonus round is brilliantly designed, with three spins that trigger and lock the scatters in place, as well as adding their values to the multiplier. Whenever a symbol lands during this round, it resets to three and adds their value to the win multiplier.

Once you finish your last spin, the bonus game has ended. The winning multipliers are tallied and multiplied by those with additional abilities like so:

Bonus symbol – reveals a value of 1x to 10x.
The Golden bonus symbol can reveal a value all the way from 20x to 200x!!
Collector – collects every valued visible item and adds it to its own.

While applying a formula, the Collector/Payer will pick up all other visible values and add them to its own. It then proceeds to add an updated total of all values to each visible symbol.

You can use the “Sniper” function to double the value of 3 to 8 other bonus symbols. It can act on the same symbol more than once.

Necromancer – the Necromancer symbol brings 1-6 symbols to life. This includes the Collector, Payer, Collector/Payer and Sniper symbols.

Persistent payer – adds its value to all other symbols on every spin that follows.

Persistent collector – collects all other values and adds them to its own on every spin that follows.

Don’t worry, there won’t be a quiz on this list of symbols. You can totally just relax while you read this because I’ll tell you the important stuff. The following symbols serve to multiply the bet size and some also have other special modifiers that increase it by a lot!

In case a reel is filled up by symbols, an additional one unlocks, giving you even more opportunities to land symbols within the existing reels. There may be a maximum of 2 additional reels in use at any given moment.

The game also has an option for earning more money in the form of a this feature. For $100x the stake your chance for winning increases with every spin – making it easier to reach that huge win before time runs out.

Slot Payouts

Money Train 2 Slot Payouts

The design in Money Train 2 slots is excellent. It features a slight steampunk feel, with Wild West-themed visuals that look like they come from a Mad Max film. The town where the slot takes place is akin to scenes from the original 1979 movie: dusty and ramshackle, but beautiful in its own way.

As a whole, the imagery soundtrack in this game are excellent. It has just the right hint of country about it and provides a good atmosphere for the duration of your playthrough. One particular highlight is that you can hear a heartbeat sound when you’re on low health; perfect for immersion. The reels themselves set within what you might imagine to be a frontier town!

There are a few different symbols that you can land with here. The most lucrative though is the necromancer and landing 3, 4 or 5 of them in one row on the reels will reward you with 0.8, 4 or 20 x your stake respectively.

The traditional, non-bonus games have ten symbols that players can bet. There’s the necromancer (red), collector (orange), sniper (green), and the payer (blue).

Spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds are the standard card suits you’ll find on a traditional pack. Bonus symbols and wild symbols come in to play from time to time.

There are two bonuses you can trigger: the Respin Feature and the Money Cart Bonus Round.


Money Train 2 Slot for Free

The original Money Train was flashy, but Part2 is amazing. The reperiodic respin feature does counteract this effect to a certain extent and you might need some time to practice patience, but overall things are excellent.

The base game is more interesting than the original because of the respin feature, which prompts you to keep playing by boosting your balance and motivation. You can also try to win while aiming for a lot of dead spins to build up a large multiplier.

The new respin feature was a welcome change, but it’s still all about the bonus game. The buy feature is tempting as well since it can take quite some time to activate organically.

Understandably, one of the most appealing aspects of the carrot-on-stick approach is the rewards. Part 1 offered 20,000x potential profits (which was already pretty impressive), but Relax Gaming doubled that for Part 2.

You can now win up to 50,000 times your bet. Bets have also been lowered. You could make a ton of money in the Money Cart Bonus because the games snowballed like crazy.

All in all, Relax Gaming have done a great job with this sequel. It looks better, has more features and it has potential to go far.

It is true that Money Train 2 might not be what some of us expect it to be. However, this doesn’t mean that it should be cast aside as a useless sequel. It is still Money Train at its core and fans of Part 1 will find themselves easily adapting to this new installment. All in all, game performs just fine and is worthy of the well.

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