Minotaurus Slot Review

The mythical creature Minotaurus has become a player in slot games once again, this time implanted into the new game by Endorphina. There are 5 reels and 10 lines in total.

This slot has an incredible RTP of 96%, contains a multitude of bonus features and is just so aesthetically pleasing!

You can multiply your prizes by winning with multipliers and re-spins. There is a chance to win 5000 times the initial stake too!

In a dark Labyrinth, the Minotaur terrorized the villagers with his maze until Theseus came to challenge him.

Endorphina has recently released a video slot based on the ancient Greek myth, Minotaurus. Here are our thoughts on this video slot.

This slot is inspired by the ancient Greeks with 10 paylines, and a betting range that’s wide enough for most people too. Plus, it has a simple gameplay that will allow you to focus on even winning more without having to get bogged down in details.

There are multipliers up to 5,000x available, an expanding wild, along with re-spins and a double-up gamble to keep the entertainment value high.

The reels are transparent, set deep underground with two torches burning on either side. The slot has great sound and even better animations.

The Minotaurus slot has an attractive RTP of 96 per cent. It’s clear to see that the casinos offering this game are providing slots with a standard RTP percentage.

If you’re new to this game, you can expect the average amount of credits that are won back if you choose to play it.

This is an example in which you’d see that if you were to put 100 coins into the machine, you would receive an average of 96 coins back.

The slot has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 paylines, plus one wild symbol- a Minotaur. This wild symbol can replace any other symbol, increasing your chances of having a winning combination.

For the maximum payout, it would need to come up on 4 reel.

Landing the Mythical Minotaur on the reel also triggers Re-spins bonus game with higher chances to win.
Many of their other games have that same gamble feature.

Minotaurus Slot Overview

Minotaurus Slot

Before starting to work on Minotaurus, you should familiarize yourself with some available options and set them up according to your preferences.

Betting just got so much easier! Seeing your bet amount below the reels helps you track and manage your bets, allowing you to minimize mistakes.

You can set the bet from 1 to 100 coins per spin. However, the player can also control the coin size.
You can choose to set the level of your coin size at 0.05, 0.1, 0.2 or 0.5 but the maximum bet with a 0.5 coin size is 100 coins per round.

The slot showcases 10 lines which can’t be controlled in the way they can be adjusted with the line button on the left side of a slot machine.

When you select Fixed Lines, all 10 lines are active the whole way through.

Keep in mind that you can use other currencies with this slot. You can also choose to use bitcoin or fiat currency.

Click on the “Spin” button to start the game.

The button is located at the lower right corner and to the right of it is a “auto” button which will allow you to spin the reels automatically.

This is a feature of many games – especially slot machines. Additionally, this game has a turbo button.
You can click on it to make the reels spin faster. The button to control the background sound is on the top right side of the reel.

Clicking on the “i” to reveal game play, paylines, and all bonuses.

It’s worth noting that the game options are diagonal from the background sounds button. They’re located in the bottom left corner.

Minotaurus Slot Bonus Game

Minotaurus Slot Bonus Game

This slot game offers a whole bunch of features. Two of them happen to be bonuses.

First is the re-spin feature which triggers when you get multiple Minotaur symbols on the screen.

In addition to replacing other symbols on the reels, it can also trigger a respin feature.

As the reels spin, this symbol stays in place and it will continue repeating until you win. This means that the odds of winning are higher for the same number of spins and all prizes will be multiplied by that amount.

This game will keep going until you win. It also has a gamble function that is present in other slots from this producer.

You enter the Labyrinth and if you see the Minotaur, you lose.

Don’t worry if you’re feeling adventurous – Minotaurus does show up on this slot machine, making for a more exciting game. If you take that risk and win there’s the potential to get 5000x the number of your original winnings. Below is a detailed explanation of Minotaurus bonus features.

The most powerful symbol in this game is Minotaurus. This wild can substitute any symbol and it only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. It can complete multiple combinations when played during a round.

The minotaur is a stacked, expanding wild. This means that it will expand to cover the first reel and then continue to spread outwards in order to cover the rest of the spinning reel. When it appears in Minotaurus, it will expand up and down for an extra chance to cover as many symbols as possible.

Like many other casino games, this one also has a Gamble feature. When you land a win, two buttons will pop up in the same place where “Autoplay” and “Spin” are.

One button is called “Cash Out” and it takes you to the main screen where you can collect your winnings. The other button is called “Risk It All” which will take to a screen where you’ll have the chance to gamble.
To double your winnings if you decide to play safe, click the gamble button.

If you click on the button, you’ll head through the hallways that are below ground. Unless, of course, you encounter a minotaur – if that happens then your journey ends there and you’ll be taken back to the start line.

Minotaurus offers double-up options up to 5 times. If you make a mistake, the round is over and you lose your total winnings from that round. Endorphina is pretty good with implementing gamble features on their games and you can find out more about them on their site.

Minotaurus Slot Payouts

Minotaurus Slot Machine

The Minotaur, the scatter and wild symbol in the Minotaurus slot, is one of the most popular words in history.

The Minotaurus symbol is unique in that you can use it in the place of any other symbol on the reel.

Inspired by the ancient Chinese board game, you’ll need to find at least 3 different combinations of symbols on a row.

There are a total of 10 symbols in this game, including the wild one.

Q, J, A and K are followed by Theseus, Ariadne, Labyrinth and then Yarn Helmet. Shield and Minotaur follow them respectively.

The minotaur shows up when the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels are spun together.

However Thesus also has the highest payout when you land five of it as it pays 5000x the bet. This means with a max bet on a game; you can win up to 100,000!

What’s more, the scatter is the Minotaur too. This is because once you get a payout, it remains in the same location and activates free spins. This can be a chance to boost your winnings.


Minotaurus Slot for Free

To us, Minotaurus doesn’t seem like a scary slot but is great for anyone looking for a bit of suspense.

If you are looking for an amazing game with flawless gameplay, Minotaurus from Endrophina is at the top of my list. The music also never seems to get old and helps to keep it interesting!

Minotaurus RTP is to a standard level, and like other games from the developer, it runs smoothly on mobile.

It is worth mentioning that this game only has 2 bonus features. If you’re looking for a slot with tons of features, this may not be the one you want.

Nevertheless, the Minotaur roaming freely in its habitat can provide you with nearly the same benefits.

The slots are exciting, but the gamble function is pretty cool too. It’s risk-free though so if you’re up for it, go for it!

All in all, game is a well-rounded, interesting slot game with a potentially big winning potential.

If you’re a casual player or a high roller, we can recommend this slot to you.

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