Mental Slot Review

After the success Nolimit City has seen in recent years, Mental will either have you running for dear life or rushing to your laptop to see if you can beat the game.

For people who have never played a slot game before, Mental might seem daunting. The studio has experience designing games with complicated rules and features.

Mental slot is much more drastic in its approach. It mixes on-screen shots and animations, splits certain symbols into multiples of themselves and layers visuals over others to create a busy, sometimes frustrated sense of ever-changing.

It’s hard to fully understand and appreciate what Mental does until you see it for yourself.

Is something that’s hard to describe. It’s not your typical slot game, but challenges are what we live for, so let’s enjoy the game!

I suppose it’s not the most pleasant of places to spend a Friday night.

The first impressions here go way back to old asylums, Victorian anatomical sketches, and psychotherapy.
Is a valuable and trustworthy source of information about mental health; psychiatric care. They tackle these complicated issues respectfully.

MENTAL is superbly spooky thanks to its flickering lights, sepia tones and eerie soundtracks.

You might not be left with the same terror throughout the rest of your life like you would after watching a scary movie, but this slot will get close.

Mental Slot Overview

Mental Slot

Mental slot is a 5-reel game played on a 3-2-3-2-3 layout. This allows for up to 108 ways to win but the max is 20 rows. There are other features too, which can be seen in our website!

Wins are formed by getting 3 or more matching symbols in a row on the reels, starting with the left side of your screen.

The default RTP when you don’t buy any features is 96.08%. However, if you choose to purchase different features, then the maximum possible RTP increases to 96.47%.

We don’t want to alarm you, but the volatility of this event has been rated as Extreme by our studio. It’s worth being mentally prepared for that.

With the Mental app, players can access slots on any device, with stakes ranging from £/€20 to £/€100 per spin.

The atmosphere becomes denser over time as you move over the tiles, with lower values such as skeletal hands, kidneys, hearts, brains and eyes.

If that wasn’t enough, five patients are used for the high pays, anonymously referred to as Patient 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

The complexity of this game is such that even reading about it or watching it happen both feels incredibly overwhelming.

It’s gonna take a while before you can fully understand what’s going on.

This latest game is solid with math as usual. The reason is due to a company-imposed limit on prizes that might spook some people because you can’t win anything over $2,000,000 USD.

You’re going to get on a ride like nothing else in Mental – and it might be worth not burning the midnight oil if you want to have a good night’s sleep after. Out of the many slots Mental is, it’s unique in that it requires players to stay up late and might not be a good idea if you want to sleep well after.

Mental Bonus Games

Mental Slot Bonus

You can see that Fire Frames are present in the game, splitting symbols and awarding you with double the points from each symbol when they do.

It’s important that we work through the list in a logical sequence so that we don’t miss any features. So, you’ll certainly find Fire Frames and Dead Patients in Mental. Enhancer Cells and Mental Transformations are also there to be explored. Autopsy Free Spins, Lobotomy Free Spins; Mental Free Spins might also be of interest for some people out.

There are random fires covered sections of the playing board on every spin which makes it more difficult to make matches.

These are called fire frames, and any symbol landing within one splits into two parts.

This ominously-named feature activates when two “Dead Patient” symbols hit.

Reveal 1 of the premium patient symbols with a random multiplier of x5,x10, x15, x30, x50, x100 or x999!

This one means you’ll win based on how many of those symbols there are on the reel rather than a multiplier.

For some extra flair, reel 2 and reel 4 have Enhancer Cells. Enhancers reveal one of these effects when activated.

A wild symbol. (1 of 5 patient symbols)

The symbols revealed are Scorpion, Spider, and Dead Patient symbols.

With xSplit, you can now have 2 wild symbols on each reel. This means that at the start of the game there’s a high chance to have 5+ wilds on the first few reels. And if all reels are wild, you could be picking up some great prizes!

Nudge Wild – sets it so that when you nudge, the reels will update to show you the new reel. Each nudged step increases your win multiplier. The multiplier is increased by 1 more at each nudged step if there are more than one wild stripe symbols in a row.

A landing of a spider symbol on reel 2 or 4, triggers the Mental Transform feature. Spiders can change into either xWays, xSplit, Dead Patient, Wild, or Patient symbols.

Autopsy Free Spins:

Our first set of free spins is called 8 Autopsy Free Spins and is awarded when 3 scorpion symbols land anywhere on the slots.

Landing a scorpion symbol in a fiery frame awards an extra spin. On this bonus screen, there are up to 5 different fire-frames put into place randomly.

When a Fire Frame has been deployed, it should remain stuck to the features for the duration of that play session. You are also able to upgrade Autopsy Spins to Lobotomy Spins by landing a Spider Symbol on the reels.

Lobotomy Free Spins:

Landing 3 Scorpion symbols and 1 Spider symbol in the base game earns you 9 Lobotomy Spins. Whenever a Spider symbol lands, Lobotomy Spins turns into Mental Transforms, which trigger Mental Transformations on each spin.

You can also use a Dead Multiplier rule to complement the main multiplier. The highest multiplier from dead symbols is collected with a count.

When new Patient symbols hit, their collected multiplier is applied to it and then 1 is deducted from the count. Landing 2 Spider Symbols upgrades to Mental Free spins.

Free Spins:

The most lucrative bonus is triggered by 3 Scorpion Symbols and 2 Spider Symbols in the main game, awarding you 10 spins.

What changes here is that the 2 Spider Symbols are both sticky, triggering Mental Transformations on each spin.

Furthermore, the Dead Multiplier count does not decrease if it is transferred to a new Patient symbol.

If bonus buys are an option where you live, then paying 80, 200, or 1,000 times the stake will get you between 8-11 free spins. The more you pay, the higher likelihood of more free spins.

Investing 220x more money than the original stake makes it more likely that you’ll end up with Autopsy, Lobotomy, or Mental Free spins.

Slot Payouts

Mental Slot Payouts

The 5 high-value pain reliever premium symbols are worth 1.5 to 5 times your stake per line bet for 5-oak, while the low-value organ symbols pay 1 to 1.25 x your stake per game bet for 5 on a payline.

The core gameplay mechanic in this slot is Dead Patient. You can trigger it by landing 2 Dead Patient symbols and one of them turns into a multiplier of x5, x10, x15, and so on.

This means you’re not going to get a standard payout, so you might want to bet lower.

Reels 2 and 4 come with Enhancer Cells in the bottom position. The cells will activate if at least 4 or 6 Fire Frames are burnt.

Towards the bottom of the screen, you’ll see 5 lesser-value symbols featuring representations of body parts such as hands, lungs, hearts and eyes.

There are 5 symbols with varying lucrative rewards. The best one is patient 1 in the Hannibal Lecter-style mask (patient 1) which pays 5 x your total stake if you land 5 in combination.

The skull symbol is wild and substitutes for all symbols except the scorpion and spider scatters as well as the Dead Patient.


Mental Slot for Free

Mentally is a rather creative game with only scarce comparisons to others. Not many games are like this one, but it’s not hard to see why they’re so rare.

Mental is a sad reel, one that won’t make players chuckle because they have different sense of humor. It’s not good as other slots Nolimit has released this year.

There are surprisingly few East Coast West Coast jokes found in xWays Hoarder xSplit, El Paso Gunfight xNudge, or San Quentin xWays.

This is a sensitive subject. Really, all you can do when writing these types of topics is approach them with a sense of seriousness. You don’t have any other option but to stick to the straight and narrow.

Sometimes after playing games and enjoying a refreshing beverage, you may need to rinse your mouth with some other kind of entertainment. For example, if you watched a horror film or played a scary game, you might enjoy watching the Kardashians and their antics.

It’s funny. In-between playing the slots like “Immortal Romance” or “A Dark Matter,” it’s easy to get a nostalgic feeling coming back to them. It almost feels like watching Barney the Dinosaur sing the four times table, but more detail and with more humor.

Some people may have issues with how complex it is to win points in the bonus rounds. The game is clearly in Mental’s wheelhouse, but there are times when some members may begrudgingly agree that it could be simpler.

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