Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 2 Slot Review

In the new Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 2 slot from IGT, you can catch lots of delicious seafood. A online games favorite with 5 reels and 40 paylines that has an fishing theme this game comes complete to bonus features as well as 3 fixed jackpots!

Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania is an online slot game that offers players in Australia, Brazil and Maine the chance to win cash prizes. You can get up 240 free spins with stacked wilds which could result in you winning a total of 3 700 x your stake! Find out more about this fantastic promotion from our review here!
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Well it looks like you were wrong about the original Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania slot machine being unbeatable. The new version 2 of this game has some brutal wild awards that can give players an excellent return on their jackpots!

We all know how much luck can affect your chances in life, but have you ever thought about where it comes from? The answer is on a wheel! This may sound strange at first because who wants their fate determined by chance when there are so many other things out of our control- like what slot machine we happen to get pulled up next too. But think for just one minute; if everything was decided simply based off numbers then no matter whether or not I win this coin toss between two options (a heads/tails), my actual income would always end up being six shorty coins less than whatever amount he landed closer towards.

Slot Overview

Lucky Larry's Lobstermania 2 Slot

Lucky Larry’s Lobster Mania 2 slot machine is a high-tech, modern offering from IGT with an RTP of 94.68%. The graphics are bright and colorful as players move their way around this beach front paradise where waves meet blue skies above them in the distance while they play on sandy soil under sunny conditions!

The video slot is immersive and only triggered by a spin. Other times, it’s silent so as not to be too invasive – you can play from your smartphone (supports iOS) or opt for complete immersion with desktop versions too! There are no download requirements on either platform; just select which one works best for what type of device that suits how much time constraints allow – go ahead an enjoy the ride without worrying about anything else.

The soundtrack in this game has been carefully curated both aesthetically pleasing while also being totally engrossing during every minute detail because who doesn’t love good tunes right?

Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 2 is an excellent slots game with a 5×4 reel layout and 40 paylines. The bet limit goes as low as 60 coins, while the maximum you can put down on any one line in this betting scenario? 6 grand! To trigger your win here though there are some other criteria that must also be met – namely three identical symbols from left-to right across all five reels (or four if scatters count).

If you want to try your luck without risking any of the cash, then go for one of these demo slots. They’re easy enough that even if there’s no chance at winning big right off the bat – as is usually case with real money games-you can still get some good fun by playing on them! The controls in this type vary from game-to coin value scale allows players like us who feel apologies isn’t quite feeling its pain yet.

Bonus Games

Lucky Larry's Lobstermania 2 Slot Bonus

The video slot has three different jackpots, all of which are triggered by a Scatter. They pay out 2,500 coins for the first one; 10 thousand more when you get two scatters in a row; and 50k if it’s third time lucky with this particular symbol!

If you don’t bet the minimum 60 coins, but instead choose to wager up until 6 thousand dollars with a maximum cash outlay – Jackpot symbols will be worth 5 million points. To active this light trap’s bonus round (which requires 3), Landing three on an active payline is all that matters! But if we’re talking about getting your hands on some mother lode gold? That would require landing five rather than just three…

If you’re looking for an award-winning casino experience that will leave your head spinning with excitement, then look no further than Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania! This slot machine is loaded not only lobster themed symbols but also features two logos from the game. For those who find themselves fortunate enough to land five identicals in a row on their active pay lines can expect up 8k coins each time – that may seem like quite some prize money considering how cheap these prizes were when we first started playing slots years ago.

You can use the Wild symbol to substitute for any other symbols except Scatter. The lesser-paying ones pay out 1,000 coins but it cannot be used as an alternative when winning with that particular icon type available in gameplay.

The Larry symbol is a valuable asset to have in your lucrative online casino game because it will activate the bonus round whenever you hit three identicals on an active payline. You’ll be presented with options of whether or not want free spins, as well as which type of prize they are willing reward players who manage this feat!

The first Larry symbol awards five free spins. As for the buoy bonus, you can win up to 800x your coin value in multipliers!


Lucky Larry's Lobstermania 2 Slot Payouts

The Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 2 slot has a fishing theme and is popular in Las Vegas casinos. The graphics are similar to those of the original game, with cartoon-style scenery that includes blue sea behind fishermen on beaches while they await their next catch!

The cards are all fun and light-hearted with symbols like K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8. You’ll see lighthouses too! The buoy is the highest paying symbol giving you 6 x stake for 5 in combination.

Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 2 is a game with two different logos that produce wild symbols. The blue background pays up to 16.66 x stake and substitutes for all other icons on the screen, except for scatter or 5 symbol combinations which results in an payout of 133x as opposed too just 1 times lower than what would be expected if there were no bonuses involved!

The lobster is a powerful symbol that can be found in many casinos. It’s not just for dining on either, this little crustacean also offers an opportunity to win big! The payouts and functions vary depending upon where you play them but there are some great options available with high odds of winning if played correctly by following these simple steps: 1) Match the card values together like blackjack worrying hands or even under pairs 2). Get closer 3) Look at this 4) Make your final bet before they land 5) Watch as their eyes pop out positions 6.), Collect its!


Lucky Larry's Lobstermania 2 Slot for Free

If you’re a fan of the Lucky Larry Loberstermania series, then LobsterMania 2 will be right up your alley. It offers all that bright and beautiful artwork we came to know in version one but with more bonuses than ever before! And if those aren’t enough for ya? There are also scattered tiles throughout which can give out even better prizes when matched together- talk about lucky breaks!!

This slot game has an RTP of 96.52%, which means that players can expect a medium to high degree of volatility with the chance for big payouts present throughout gameplay bonuses rounds and wilds alike!
The game is simple and easy to play, which we appreciate. The graphics could be better in comparison with other popular IGT slots like Cleopatra but given how overall this slot machine has been designed for those who want something quick without any complications or requires too much attention from them while playing it makes up some of its flaws such as design-wise aren’t major issues at all since most people just focus on winning coins instead!

This slot machine has some great features that will keep you playing for hours. You can adjust the autoplay function so it only spins when nothing is happening onscreen, or choose between mashing buttons with no delay between each press-and there are even opportunities to win big thanks in part from its jackpot scatter symbol!

Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 2 is a fun and easy-to play slot that offers many bonuses to help you win more money. Despite its high volatility, the game itself can be very simple for those who know what they are doing!

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