Koi Princess Slot Review

Sign into Koi Princess to go on a virtual trip to Asia. The Koi Princess slot game has the best features available! Koi Princess is a fun and rewarding game that can be enjoyed on desktop, mobile, or tablet.This game is not available for players from the many countries!

This 5 reel slot has 9 bonus features, and is one of the most popular games introducing players to the world of anime. Koi Princess slot has 10 pay lines, a free spin feature and unique symbol combinations that make this game fun to play. The game takes place in the world of anime with beautiful butterflies and flowers as the wild symbols. The Scatter is neon blue and yellow.

These bonus triggers could be any of a range of features: wilds, the 5-of-a-kind win, wild reels and so on. For example, in a game with wilds and a 5-of-a-kind win, a player could trigger the bonus through meeting one or more of the following requirements: The first time that you see 3 or more cards with wild symbols on them anywhere on any payline. The first time that you are dealt an initial hand of 8 cards without seeing any “Jackpots” (wild reels) anywhere on any payline.

We have a number of bonus features available – including free spins with Wild Reels, guaranteed coins without purchase, and the chance to spin a wheel for other prizes. The games include a number of great features, such as multipliers that increase your profit if you play enough hands, and Wild Reels that can boost your earnings even higher while they’re on! Furthermore, everyone who plays gets free spins with a multiplier at no cost – and we guarantee your coins will never be wasted!

Increase your chances of a feature by using the Bonus Bet.

To find out more about this slot, take a look at our Koi Princess review.

Koi Princess Slot Overview

Koi Princess Slot Overview

The Koi Princess slot machine has 5 paylines and 3 reels. The first reel has paid symbols on it, while the remaining reels have a blank space for the wild symbol. To win, you need to get 3 matching symbols in a line or group from left to right on any one of those three rows. First make sure those icons are filled with symbols! Circling symbols on the reels will make them stop, and you get to try your luck again. In order to win from the wild symbol, you need to land 5 of them in a row.

Stake levels range from $0.20 to $100 per spin for a standard round. If you activate the Bonus Bet, your stake would go up to $200 per spin. Bet $15 on a credit bet and you’ll get a 100% deposit bonus. Deposit Bonuses: These bonuses are offered to new customers who deposit some money with the casino. The size of these bonuses is usually between 25% and 150%.

Thanks to NetEnt slots, changing stake is easy. Use the arrows below the reels to adjust bet level and coin value. As you can see from the slot’s end-of-line symbols, the reels are going to be mostly filled with cherries. The only exception is for the two orange and red wilds which will make their appearance on reels four and five.

The Koi Princess RTP is 96.23%. This might not seem a lot better than average, but it is the highest among mobile slots games this quarter.

Excluding the Bonus Bet element, the RTP is actually 96%. Volatility is lower than medium but higher than low. The bonus bet is not an element of the basic game, i.e. there is no win-loss relation between the bonus bet and the traditional game.

The spinning frequency is at a rate of 28.74% meaning that just over a quarter of spins will give you a winning combination.

The maximum possible win is 1,000 times your stake per spin and it’s possible to get this during the Bonus Wheel feature.

Koi Princess Slot Bonus Game

Koi Princess Slot Bonus

This game is full of features which can come in handy to players. You can, for example, use something referred to as the Bonus Bet when you are playing.

To double your bet, please press the button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. You may also trigger a random feature by using this button during gameplay.

So, what are those Random Features? Well, Koi Princess has four. They show up in the following ways:
5-Hit Random Feature – this will give you a single spin that guarantees a 5-symbol win.

A random wild feature is applied every spin. You will see up to nine additional wilds for a limited time during that specific reel-spin, highlighted in red.

Wild Reels Feature – With this one-time special feature, up to five symbols out of the eighteen in total present on the reels will be covered by wild ones.

You can activate a second spin at any point in the bonus, which will be played with 3x multiplier.

fterwards, another randomly selected bonus feature will be activated.

The Bonus Features perk should also be available when three bonus symbols appear on reels one, 3, and 5.

Should two of the symbols come into view, you can nudge another symbol into view to trigger this feature. And the bonus features that are available within Koi Princess are as follows:

Addictive Slots – If this bonus feature becomes active, then you’ll be given a set of 10 addictive spins.
Every time you win, the reward will be at least as large as before, except for the first spin. You’ll start off with more than your bet before profit.

This feature is straightforward and simple with just one aim – to award you 10 free Wild Reels on the slot.
When just clicking the buttons on the machine, it has a small chance that one to five of the reels will suddenly have wild symbols on them.

Bonus Wheel – We’ve created a bonus wheel side game that you’ll play if you come in.

This allows you to win prizes, not only the coin multipliers but also free spins.

The bonus wheel is a three-tiered wheel. Every tier has 12 sections which will provide you with some number of rewards.

Coin Win – The last resort is to be the recipient of an instant cash prize.

Koi Princess Slot Payouts

Koi Princess Slot

Koi Princess has a stylish, old-school look that is sure to appeal to anyone who likes to get nostalgic.
This game has loads of amazing graphics and audio effects.

In Asian culture, fish are considered lucky creatures and this game is meant to be one of good fortune. The Japanese word for affection or love “Koi” also has a love theme so it’s a great way to explore both Asian and Western culture.

The imagery in this artwork is traditional and the soundtrack which accompanies it is similarly nostalgic.
This is such a gorgeous slot machine! You’ll be surrounded by waterfalls and temples, watched over by the beautiful Koi Princess.

The reels are made up of Asian symbols. These symbols appear alongside images of coins, frogs, and dragons.

Koi Princess is the most rewarding standard symbol. Landing any 5 at once will earn you 20 x stake.
There’s also a wild symbol which substitutes for all the standard symbols. Get 5 of these on the payline you’ll win a payout of 25 times your stake.


Koi Princess Slot for Free

This game will appeal to a broad range of players thanks to its flashy design.

But when you start playing, it won’t just bring you one surprise, there will be surprises all over the place! The game will get more and more unpredictable as the game goes on. The player’s mental state will be influenced by some objects in the game. There will also be a mystery element to the story that players can explore through detective work.

Netent really pulled off a great slot game for any slots fan!

The high-value reward offers, including a whopping 500x your stake per spin in the bonus round, are worth going for. The game is well-designed and polished, with a decent mix of different slot machine types and themes.

And remember, there’s the Bonus Bet function that will give you even greater chances of triggering one of those random features. This is a great Koi Princess slot game from NetEnt!

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