Jumanji Slot Review

One of the NetEnt games is the Jumanji slot. It has up to 9 wilds and 4 randomly triggered base game features, including re-spins with held winning symbols, wild reels and symbol shuffles.

The other main actions in the board game comes from rolling dice around to be able to move and win. In terms of prizes you can win, every time you land on a square that has cash prizes or extra rolls, you get access to 5 more bonus features that provide more winning opportunities.

4 of them give you free spins with the base game features applying, and the Mystery feature can give you access to any of the 4 main bonus features as well as cash-prizes and more rolls of the dice. Check out everything this new Jumanji version has on offer and find out for yourself just how awesome it is! Feel the Magic of Jumanji!

Jumanji is a beautifully designed slot game with a deep brand connection. It’s set in beautifully lush jungle surroundings reminiscent of the film and you will feel like your transported into another world. It’s easy to get sucked in as the sound design and visuals are so good. There are images of animals on the reels and a Mr. T song is also played during this slot game. It’s just such a well-made game that will leave you with fond memories of your childhood! The Jumanji Bonus is triggered by three or more scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels, it offers an extra random win!

For many people, Jumanji has been a part of their childhoods. When it comes to the board game layout, there are 4 different free spin features you can trigger, and with that there’s also a bunch of other bonuses like scattered tokens and wild symbols. Have some fun with our review below to learn more about what this game has to offer.

Slot Overview

Jumanji Slot

With Casino offering a plethora of features and some solid titles, NetEnt has been dropping some good titles this year with Narcos, Vikings and Jumanji which are all blockbusters.

However, their games haven’t really been that exciting lately and the same goes for most of NetEnt’s games, even though the quality has significantly improved over the years. Now, if you can’t afford to bet on a winning game and you want to try your luck, then we recommend Bet365, which is one of the major sports betting sites in Europe.

With production up, the slots are looking better than ever. Despite recent disappointments, people are still anticipating upcoming Netent releases.

You can play Jumanji for just €0.10-€100 on all devices whether or not you have a smartphone. The reels are three, four, five, four and three symbols high from left to right respectively.

Is based on a movie from 1995 with the same name, starring Robin Williams and Kirsten Dunst. The story follows a game with magical powers that, with every roll of the dice, has to ‘continue’ in strange ways.

The Jumanji slot comes with 4 random features including re-spins, wilds that can stick, symbol swaps and wild reels. The Board Game bonus is the most important feature in this slot.

Slot Bonus Game

Jumanji Slot Bonus

Jumanji is a very busy slot. Reason being, it has 4 randomly triggered features that can appear in the main game:

Re-spins are awarded in sticky vines where all the symbols from your previous win plus any wilds from the initial spin attach to the reel. All other symbols have another go and you can see what new wilds join them.

There is a chance that one or two reels will be completely covered in Wilds and this also includes the 5th reel. The 5th reel will never be triggered alone and it will always fall before the 1st 4 reels.

One of the fun games that Jumanji has to offer is called “Any Potential Wins.” Once the reels have stopped, you need to award them. Then all symbols will be shuffled and this will grant a guaranteed win.
Be mesmerized by the majestic and fascinating rhinos that will stampede across the screen while you are spinning the reels of this slot machine. You could get up to 9 wilds at a time.

3 or more scatter symbols can activate this game and allow you to roll the dice. And it is here that you’ll start on your adventure with 6, 7 or 8 spins.

Players are given 4 tokens and asked to choose one. These had no effect on the outcome, so it’s purely a cosmetic choice. The player moves the token on the board by rolling the two dice.

Board game awards are available in the form of four Free Spins features, a Mystery feature, extra rolls of the dice and cash prizes. Awards include:

10 Free Spins bonus is yours to enjoy, and if the win stays active after your initial spin and you get more free spins as a result. One free spin can have multiple re-spins.

When you see a vine, you’ll automatically get an extra life. This means that even when you’re not winning the game, you’ll still be safe and have a chance to bounce back.

Monsoon Free Splines – 7 Free tries are awarded with the same rules that apply to the Monsoon Wilds feature in the main game, with one exception: you can’t use a covered reel if it’s been spun twice already.
Get a boost for your winning chance with 6 free spins when you start a new game – just like during the Monkey Mayhem feature. The extra spins will be applied as in Monkey Mayhem too, which means you’ll have better chances to win each time you spin.

Stampede Free Spins – This new feature awards 5 free spins which work in the same way as in the Wild Stampede feature.

A carousel of Free Spin features, coin wins, and 2 extra dice rolls will appear within the Jumanji circle. The player will be awarded with the one that the carousel stops on. As each Free Spin feature can only be activated once in a Board Game session, those previously won will not be a part of the award.

Slot Payouts

Jumanji Slot Payouts

The Jumanji slot has 5 reels with 36 paylines, where the numbers of symbols you need to land are 3-4-5-4-3. The game pays left to right and you should spin at least 3 identical symbols on a line to form a winning combination.

The hexagon-shaped reel is surrounded by a board game track. Bonus mini-games come up when 3 or more scattered icons show themselves on the reels.

The highest paying symbols in slot are ‘jungle’-themed and include lion, rhino, crocodile and pelican. The rank is decreasing so that the first symbol in the list is the most lucrative one while its last counterpart will only pay as much as a card symbol up to jack.

The ‘WILD’ is the most important symbol in the game. It can substitute for any other symbol except for the scatter, which features an image of Jumanji’s famous board game.

The lion is the highest paying symbol in this video slot, rewarding you a 140x win for five of a kind. Other animals on the high-value symbols include rhinos, crocodiles, and hippopotamuses who are not happy about having to sit that close to some other animal. No matter what symbols you land, you can expect a generous payout. The lowest-paid symbol is the lone acorn, with your five of a kind awarding 2x win.


Jumanji Slot for Free

Jumanji is a mega production so I’m not surprised that NetEnt have been trying to advertise it more than usual leading up to its release. With the powerful resources they have, a lot of high-quality games don’t surprise me anymore.

Almost everyone will ask themselves this – will it have any potential? To be clear, there’s not much potential when you only own the base game. Its potential is completely dependent on the board game.
The downside is the maximum return per spin is only x504 (for this you need a full screen of wilds/lions). The upside is that it’s possible to trigger all of the 4 Free Spins games in one Board Game session, while on the downside most slots players would have to wait quite a while before they could trigger that much in winnings.

Jumanji is an amusing slot, with some potential for reasonably-sized wins. If you’re lucky, the Board Game session can go on for a long time and allow you to collect various prizes along the way.

It’s a game where nothing crazy happens most of the time – I guess other than sometimes when monkeys rearrange your symbols or when crocodiles fall from the sky.

Jumanji has a 96.33% RTP and is supported on all NetEnt casinos. Give it a try with one of our 200% casino bonuses or even if you’re the type to do bigger deposits!

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