Juicy Fruits Slot Review

What a great homage! Push Gaming has done it again. This time they’ve inspired Pragmatic Play to create a fruity-themed slot game with their own Juicy Fruits interpretation of their latest slot, Fat Rabbit. Juicy Fruits is a 5-reel, 3-row, 50-payline slot game with scatter symbols. The theme has been created by Pragmatic Play’s masterful use of bright colours to give the impression of fresh fruit and juicy flavours.
What seems to link the game to the other one is a scatter collection function when you are on free spins.

Apart from that, they are not massively similar games. Honestly, the graphics are not the strongest point in this game. There is no real story to follow, it’s just a casino game and that’s an annoyance. The five reels and ten lines are set up on a 5×5 grid with a pay line running down each side of the screen for players to bet on as they see fit. Each reel contains symbols from both classic video slots such as cherries, bars and sevens along with other more modern variations‚Ķ

One of these games is clearly more creative, though it doesn’t matter because players who prefer classic looks now have a Fat Rabbit version of the game. I think the creative game is more interesting, but that’s because I am an artist myself. It doesn’t matter which game players prefer because both games are still fun.
Juicy Fruits is a cocktail lounge where it starts with a slinky backing track and an explosion of fruit symbols, which stay true to the theme of what you’d find at any other establishment.

The game board is inspired by a bright, clear glass of cool cocktails. You can see bubbles and ice cubes floating around inside. You can also see the bitters floating around inside the glass, making it look like they’re mixing with the cocktail instead of sitting at the bottom. The game board is inspired by a bright, clear glass of cool cocktails.

I have to admit it’s a little generic but it’s still nice to look at. If you like this kind of thing then I think you’ll really enjoy the view. I hope you like the view this slot too. I would love to share it with you.

Slot Overview

Juicy Fruits Slot

Juicy Fruits has both desktop and mobile versions, with per-spin bets starting at $0.25. The bet selection is awesome, giving you the opportunity to make either long or short bets depending on your own preferences.

Pragmatic Play have included their ANTE BET, which will cost 20% more for each spin without altering the symbol values.

This feature will make it easier to get free spins than usual, as you have an increased chance of triggering them with fewer scatter symbols.

It is relatively tough to win without a wild symbol in the base game or during the bonus round, so make sure you’re playing with a pile of juicy fruits. It’s really up to luck, but it always seemed like there were plenty when I played.

There are 11 symbols for your wager – limes, cherries, lemons, oranges, apricots, strawberries, kiwifruits, raspberries, watermelons and fiery 7s. For a full line win with all five of these in a row – you’ll find lots of coins at the end! If you like 5 of a kind and 7s, there is an alternative wager to make.

There’s a wild crown symbol on all the reel positions. In the base game, you can swap this for any of the other symbols to complete a winning line. It appears in 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 or 5×5 sizes.

Slot Bonus Game

Juicy Fruits Slot Bonus

Diamonds are scattered everywhere and when 3 or more of them show up, the free spins mode is automatically activated. In this mode you will receive 6 free spins for starters.

The scatter symbol is just like a diamond. Every one landing will make a meter fill up and this way, there’s a chance it can award you with free spins!

You can collect 3 scatter symbols to earn additional spins. With each scatter collected, you get 1-3 free games and the wild symbol gets a big upgrade to 5.

Free spins start with a single wild symbol on the board, moving to new places at random every time. When upgraded, it changes size to 2X2, 3X3 and so on. Wild symbol upgrades also include a big five of wild kind, a scattering of three gemstones and expanding to fill the whole reel.

Once the round has triggered 4 times, retriggers are no longer possible. If it initially triggered by 4 or 5 scatter symbols, then it starts with 1 or 2 scatter symbols already added to the meter. The game has three rounds. The first round is made up of the scatter symbols. The second round starts when the fourth scatter trigger has been hit and the third round starts when the fifth scatter trigger is hit.

You can purchase free spins from the base game if the feature buy is active. You need to turn the Ante bet off for this to work. The maximum price of free spins you can get is 100x your total bet revenue.


Juicy Fruits Slot Payouts

The Juicy Fruits slot includes a total of 11 symbols from the game. The majority is made up of classic casino icons such as lemons, oranges and cherries. The lowest paying symbols are green lemons and they can be found on both paylines.

When a player gets three, four, or five like symbols from left to right like this, they will provide 10x, 24x, or 100x the original bet. If you get 3 plums for example then you’ll multiply your bet by 16.

Be careful with the kiwis because 3, 4 or 5 will help you win 20, 80 or 300 times your current line bet. The raspberry will reward you 24, 150 or 500 times the amount of your bet.

Thanks to the watermelon, players can win 36, 200, or 750 times their line bet. If you hit three, four, or five red sevens on a line, you will get 1000.

The scatter icon is not as exciting as the wild one. It’s still an important part of Juicy Fruits, though. It can provide a prize on its own but if you get three, four, or five of these on the line you’ll win 50x your bet per line.


Juicy Fruits Slot for Free

Juicy Fruits is basically ‘Fat Rabbit’ with more traditional themes and characters, at least according to the title. A quick summary of the game would be that Pragmatic Play swapped the themes and mechanics of their older game for those more recognizable from other slots games.

Additionally, they’ve jammed the game with all sorts of different fruits and added a soothing soundtrack that gives it a sort of underwater feel. This makes sense because the game is set inside a glass of cocktail.
You immediately know the game’s volatile nature the moment you start playing – for all of its tranquility, it’s pretty addictive.

Pragmatic Play possibly made the game feel as tranquil as possible to take the focus off what can be a tough main game due to the low win count. The key is building an outsized wild symbol. Unless the wild symbol progresses to at least 3×3 in size, it will only ever remain on a single line, making it easy for players to make combinations around.

Hit the jackpot and you are going to get massive rewards in return. It takes some luck, but it is well worth it because it means that from then on out you will benefit from large wins with each spin.

You might not win an excessive number of spins, but they can be amusing should scatters rapidly be collected. For best, Pragmatic Plays state wins of up to 5000x the wager are potential.

Juicy Fruits lacks in originality due to its rather generic theme and other constructs. If you’re looking for nostalgia though, Juicy Fruits can deliver a fair bit of it through the free spins on offer.

Outside of that success story, this game can be challenging. Be prepared for a rough ride ahead if you choose to entertain the idea.

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