Inter Milan is proud to announce their new regional partner in Asia, HTH.

Inter Milan

Inter Milan has signed a partnership with the Chinese betting brand Hua Ti Hui (HTH), in what is being seen as an effort by club management to establish themselves more strongly within Asia.

HTH is a new platform that has been designed to meet the needs of Asian sports fans. The developers are committed towards creating an integrated experience for viewers, which will include both comfortable viewing as well as security from fraud or other malicious activity on their network-powered ecosystem.
HTH existing business model relies heavily upon customer satisfaction with quality products; we want you guys coming back again because what really matters at this point? It’s not how many ads there were before my game started up!

After being thumbnail for a dispute between Inter and DigitalBits, it seems like both parties have come to terms. The specifics of this deal are still scarce but we do know that there was some sort negotiation going on until now which led them into an agreement after all…

The club has removed the branding of DigitalBits, a blockchain sponsor that was previously present on its website and stadium. The company’s failure to uphold financial commitments may have caused this drastic Action taken by Inter Milan; however it remains unclear what will happen next with regards they…

When HTH signed a similar partnership with Manchester United in May 2021, the company released few details about it.

The Glazers’ decision to sign up for Manchester United was met with some scrutiny, as evidenced by the fact that HTH website had not gone live eight months after partnership announced.

In this day and age, it is not uncommon to see major sports franchises partnering with gambling companies. The partnership between the Philadelphia Eagles and Betfair was seen by some as a step back in time when football didn’t know how big its own popularity would become – but these days things have changed!

The Serie A is becoming the go-to league for sponsorships in gambling. It’s no surprise then, that Torino FC has signed on with PlanetPay365 following their agreements at Lazio and Roma as well!

The PlanetPay365 and Torino partnership is set to kick off on Saturday, as Torino will face Lazio in Italy’s top flight.

Casino Review The Swedish Gaming Inspectorate has orders Ease Gaming to stop operating in the country.

The Gaming Inspectorate of Sweden has issued a temporary ban on the company Ease gaming, which prevents them from operating in that country. They do not hold necessary licences and were found to be advertising their services illegally as well. We know

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Casino Review This is a big day for Apparat Gaming, as they partnership with Relax to provide an excellent gaming experience.

This is a big day for Apparat Gaming, as they partnership with Relax to provide an excellent gaming experience. From now on you can enjoy your favorite games without any frustration or worries about being Denied! With ten games in the pipeline, Apparat