Jack and the Beanstalk Slot Review

Who among us hasn’t heard of the fairytale called Jack and the Beanstalk, right?

This story tells the tale of a boy who brings home magic beans from the market, and his mom throws them out into the yard after which a giant beanstalk grows, eventually reaching up to the sky.

Jack and the Beanstalk is a Netent-powered slot that tells the classic story of Jack, who climbs up a beanstalk and steals the treasures from the giant’s castle.

This game has some pretty impressive graphics and animations. It’s the work of one developer that the whole industry knows.

Released in 2011, the graphics for this game are a bit dated (~11 years old) but it makes up for that with a solid gameplay. The game has 5 reels and 3 lines, which is pretty standard for video slots out there.

To add on to that, Netent has added a set of 20 paylines into the game, which are fixed in position.

You can set a wager by choosing between coin values of 0.01-0.50, while bet levels can be adjusted between 1-10 to your liking.

In the game, we can bet between $0.20 and $100 at a time.

The volatility of Jack and the Beanstalk slot is really high. This means that there’s a higher risk during gameplay, but payouts are larger and it’s harder to get tops.

We think it’s great that the video slot has an RTP of 96.28%.

Jack and the Beanstalk Slot Overview

Jack and the Beanstalk Slot Review

The team at NetEnt has really made Jack and the Beanstalk visually interesting for players.

The animations are ultra-smooth and pleasing to look at. The casino design is slick, too!

The screen looks like a village backyard, with butterflies and birds flying across it every few minutes.

You can easily be drawn into the story with all these relaxing sounds – especially when you hear the birds chirping.

When you get some of the bonuses, or just hit the winning line, you’ll hear some wonderful symphonic music playing.

This story is told in such a creative way that you might not want to leave Jack’s backyard.

The symbols are a huge part of the game! They’re made really well and match the overall theme.

For your personal enjoyment, the game-reels include most of the original objects from that fairy-tale.

There once was a goat that found an axe. He heads off to find the giants and points it out to them.

There’s also a bunch of golden chickens, golden harps, and of course Jack himself.

The numbers on the cards are called “value signs,” which we should all be familiar with.

But they are also good at making adjustments to create the right fit in games.
We’ve made this slot available for your mobile devices too.

NetEnt touch technology and the Jack and the Beanstalk slot make for a great full screen experience.

So, you like being entertained by casinos on the go? Have a look at our best mobile casinos page.

Jack and the Beanstalk Slot Bonus Game

Jack and the Beanstalk Slot Bonus

NetEnt loves fairy tales and that’s why they wanted to create an enthralling slot for you to play. It’s called Jack and the Beanstalk.

They also have a free spins round, which is awesome.

When you spin 3 or more scatter symbols in view, you get 10 free spins! This can easily lead to big wins.

Whenever three or more scattered symbols appear during this round, you’ll get a bonus of 5 free spins as an extra reward.

One of its coolest features is that it’s interactive, meaning you can interact with the animals in the game.

The wild symbol is the logo, but when it appears you can get another spin as a reward.

A re-spin happens when a wild is spun onto a reel and during this time, the reels will spin again.

This continues, with you picking up wins along the way if combinations are formed. As long as there’s a wild symbol in view on the reels, you’ll keep picking up wins. You’ll be able to build up a bigger prize if you’re able to hit a few wild symbols. The rules are simple, but the game can offer some big payouts in order to keep it interesting.

If you form any wins that contain a wild icon, they will be tripled. Wild icons can act as substitutes for all standard symbols, with the exception of Scatters and Keys. This is what happens when you play on a Jack and the Beanstalk slot machine!

Check out the Treasure Collection in the game. It’s an amazing, rewarding experience that you shouldn’t miss! I didn’t know that! The Treasure Collection is an in-game feature that allows players to collect and store items found throughout the game. Allowing you to collect rare items, such as gemstones. These gemstones can then be used during gameplay to unlock new features, such as a new game type or additional treasure chests.

The key symbol that appears on the fifth reel of the game during free spins will unlock wild features.

These include:
Collect the symbols of the key bill to activate 2 Stacked Money Bags. For doing this, the next wild symbol that appears automatically become a stacked wild of two money bags with two rows on top of each other.

Collect 6 different symbols to create 3 stacked golden hen symbols. When you collect 6, one of the symbols will transform into a stack of 3 golden hen symbols!

You need to collect nine key symbols, and then the next wild coming into view will turn into a golden harp icon. This will cover the whole reels it’s on, and you’ll receive a bonus symbol. The bonus symbol is worth 10 times the amount of your stake, so if you get the bonus, it’s worth 100x your stake.

The wild multipliers have been stacked to cover more spots on the reels so you’ll win more often. These bonus prizes can really help you out as a result. The wilds appear more often in the reels. The number of wilds on the reels has increased. You’ll still see a maximum of nine symbols on the second and third reels but you’ll also find seven, six and five symbols on these reels as well.

Jack and the Beanstalk Slot Payouts

Jack and the Beanstalk Online Slot

The reels themselves are set over a backdrop of green fields, mature trees and Jack’s shack. The lower value A to 10 symbols are placed on the picture and the higher value 10, 20 and 30 values that relate to the fairy tale itself and are placed on the reels.The story of Jack and the Beanstalk is told as follows: “Once upon a time, in a far off land, there was an old man who lived in a small house on top of a hill. The old man was not very rich, but he was happy with his simple life.” Jack leads us through his day-to-day life on his farm.

You need to check for something that includes a watering can, an axe, a goat, the giant, and Jack.


Slot Jack and the Beanstalk

It seems that NetEnt is trying to emulate the success of FireFly with their Jack and Beanstalk slot. It looks like they’re succeeding. This slot has all the hallmarks of the successful FireFly slots. Jack and Beanstalk is a 5 reel, 40 payline slot game that features an adventurer who must collect riches in order to win. The adventures varies from transporting golden coins to finding keys that unlock chests. In addition, Jack and Beanstalk is themed with fairytale elements such as giants, unicorns, princesses and more!

Fairytales are packed full of interesting characters which make them perfect for building a slot game like Jack and the Beanstalk from NetEnt.

Of course, being a game from this developer will always result in top-quality graphics being in view.

The game is pretty exciting too, and not to mention worth a look with the potential of winning up to 3000 times your stake in the bonus game. The payout for this game is so lucrative that players could potentially win up to $300000, which is a pretty big bonus considering the stakes.On top of that, the game has only 10 paylines and players can expect to be able to sit down and play on this slot.

Jack and the Beanstalk has come a long way from its previous versions, with improved features that people love. I’m sure you’ve already tried it, but it’s worth downloading again to see what’s been updated. There is no denying that the slot machine has come a long way since it was released in 2009. It has been updated to include newer features and more content, making it better than ever. The company behind Jack and the Beanstalk is still new. They are still on their way to becoming one of the biggest gambling providers out there – and they’re off to a great start!

This video game is packed with all the best features. From the free spins, to the wilds and other perks, there is something for every gambler. to enjoy. The free spins is the first feature of the game, and it’s one that players can expect to find in many slot machines around the globe. In this feature, a player gets three reels spinning with no other features active, then they win five free spins. This is an exciting feature because it makes players feel like they have luck on their side.

NetEnt has just the slots available for players who want to enjoy some thrills and spills – Jack and the Beanstalk is a great game to try. But if you are looking for more variety, NetEnt also has a selection of other games which can offer players hours of fun.

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