It’s been a busy few weeks for Flows, who have now appoint ex-GiG Exec Rhea Craib as their new Head of Marketing!


With the appointment of Rhea Craib as head, Flows is hoping to bolster its marketing team and make their mark on this competitive market.

Craib’s previous experience in the field of marketing has given her an edge when it comes to understanding what makes a successful business. As Group Marketing Manager for three years at Gaming Innovation Group, she was able oversee implementation on their company-wide strategy which focused heavily around branding and positioning new products/services within various markets they serve across North America.
Anchieva’s mission is simple: To help channel partners succeed by providing them access not only one but many platforms through which they can advertise themselves while also reaching out into different demographics depending upon whom best suits our client needs – You don’t need expensive TV commercials or billboards anymore! All this without sacrificing quality because Anchel.

“I am delighted to welcome Rhea joining the Flows team; and for us all benefit from her incredible talent, experience in deploying successful marketing campaigns across gambling sectors.”

Craib’s work at Gaming Innovation Group has been a breath of fresh air. She brings her experience from the marketing industry, where she served in various roles including those for lead generation and content strategy to name just two integral parts that make up an overall plan on how you should develop your own brand within this ever-changing market space – but it won’t be easy! Her goal is not only about improving Flows’ standing online; rather than focusing solely or primarily static efforts towards increasing visibility through SEO optimization as well increases traffic via social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter which are becoming increasingly Essential To.

I’m excited to join the team at Flows, where I’ve worked with some of you before. It’s an innovative product and there are endless potentials ahead!
I can’t wait for our company growths as well- it will be fun helping out in this empty space between startups.

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