It’s about time we put our money, and finally fund some real gambling research. Svenska Spel has been a major player in this industry for years; surely they can spare some change?


The Swedish government has committed to investing further funds into gambling research.

Svenska Spel has invested over SEK 60m in gambling research, with the operator confirming they will be delivering an additional 42 million kronor ($5.7M) within five years time period beginning next year.
Multimillion dollar investments are not new for this company as it’s spent more than $6 million on finding out what works best when attracting gamblers and how people play their games online With these funds coming from player ticket fees alone (not including other sources), there is no doubt that Svenskaspel.

The move is intended to financially support Svenska Spel’s independent Research Council, as well Professor of addiction medicine Anders Håkansson’s gaming professorship at Lund University.

With a goal to make it easier for people and businesses alike, the operator is putting up SEK 25 million in funding. This includes 8.5mln annually that will be set aside as research grants so they can support innovative work with their community!

The Swedish Gambling Study represents an important milestone in the development and study of gambling disorders. It was founded by a group with decades-long experience working to combat these problems, including their president who has been at this forefront since he started his career as one those seeking treatment options for people struggling with severe cases involving betting addictions or slot machines taking over life entirely.”

“With the constant push of new information on how best to prevent and treat gambling addiction, it’s important that we continue supporting those who have been affected. We believe this is something both businesses as well as humanitarian.”

From the moment you decide to gamble, it’s important that your decisions are based on sound logic and informed by knowledge. The Research Council was founded in 2010 with this aim of increasing people’s awareness about gambling problems so they can take more care when deciding whether or not something might be wrong for them – like if their loved ones have an addiction issue!

The independent Council is an important part of ensuring that Svenska Spel stays committed to its mission statement. The researchers and representatives on this panel are not influenced by any outside parties which ensures they can make decisions based solely off what’s best for gamers, not corporate interests!

The research conducted by Håkansson and his team is focused on identifying gambling problems at an earlier stage, which will allow them to provide more effective treatment options for those who need it. With this new investment from The Swedish Research Council (Tyrescuela), they are able strengthen their work even further!

The company published its Q2 2022 financial results, reporting a marginal net gaming revenue increase of 1%. While this is only slightly greater than what was seen in the previous quarter and less than half as large overall for all quarters combined since January 2018 (when Svenska Spel first started tracking), it suggests that things may be getting back on track after an otherwise bleak year.

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