It is with great farewell that SCCG Management wishes to announce the appointment of Matt Di Giorgio as Director, Talent Recruitment.

Matt Di Giorgio as Director, Talent Recruitment

The addition of Matt Di Giorgio to SCCG Management’s upper echelon is a major shift in the company’s talent recruitment strategy. With over twenty years experience as an HR executive, he will be directing all hiring efforts for this innovative organization and ensuring they have enough employees who can meet any need its diverse clientele might present them with.

In a world where talent is in high demand, it’s good to have someone with as much experience and knowledge of the industry. Di Giorgio has worked both full-time and part time for companies across Europe – he’ll be able guide CEO Stephen Crystal on all executive level projects going forward!

He started Morec Recruitment in 2006, after leaving his position as regional manager with Michael Page Marketing. This is not the only big name Di Giorgio has worked for- before that he served at Reed Associates where he was an expert on banking sector recruiting matters including clients such Barclays and Santander.

Di Giorgio’s experience ranges from working at one of the most prestigious studios in Los Angeles to founding two companies that he still runs today. He began his career by starting Take5 and Kontra, which are both sports media startups while also consulting for various organizations such as Nemesis or Gecruit – but it didn’t stop there! Most recently Di Giorgio worked on four different projects including Alliance Consulting where they focus heavily into video games development; this isn’t surprising considering how passionate people have seen him get when talking about these typesof worksthis guy really knows what makesem tick.

His extensive background in recruiting and executive search is sure to come into play as he takes on a new role focusing exclusively on high-level employees.
As the Head of HR for Vice President level positions, his experience will be focused largely around human resources — including IT/technology management along with finance & marketing disciplines— but also includes other areas such as communications or labor law that may prove useful when managing top talent at companies across various industries.

His appointment marks the second executive hire for SCCG Management in recent times. With his leadership, we are confident that this new team will be able to provide unparalleled service and value with every client interaction!

Pariekshit Maadishetti has worked in the field of technology for decades, previously founding companies like Gridlogic and Taj Rummy. He was recently appointed as part of SCCG’s leadership team in India where he will be working with us to help further develop our platforms across various industries while also helping build out new opportunities that arise from advancements within AI-driven technologies.
With this appointment we are excited about what’s ahead because it not only brings more expertise but great experience which both bodes well going forward!

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