In this week’s Asia round-up, we look at the Star entertainment company that has seen its revenue drop in 2022.


The first ever Global Gaming Awards Asia was just announced and it’s a pretty huge deal. The event celebrates the best from across all industries in relation to gaming, including developers who make games we love playing or movies based on our favorite hobby! There were many worthy recipients this time around but don’t worry because they’ve given us some stuff worth waiting for so keep reading if you want more info about what happened at these Congratulations goes out too everyone else involved – thank-you!!!

The Star Entertainment Group’s revenue fell 2% in FY2022, to $1.3 billion from a year earlier despite an increase of 6%. In this fall there were fewer events and performances booked compared with last seen which may have contributed heavily towards the drop offs seen by performance tickets sales as well advertising dollars spent on social media platforms like Facebook where they lost 19%.
The management at STER attributes these drops partly due lower attendances across multiple genres but most noticeably within sports/family entertainment categories (-27%). They say that while overall attendance numbers are still stable; it is clear fans prefer different types shows now versus those five years ago when many cluster around one specific event.

The Star Entertainment Group, parent company for many popular attractions including theauseights and réals tour in Australia as well entertainment venues such has Rod Laver Arena have reported revenue of AU$1.53bn (US DOL economizing: US$988m) over last 12 months ended 30 June 2022 – a 2% decline from prior year’s total figure but still comfortably more than enough to support their diverse portfolio which includes everything form concerts by international artists like Ed Sheeran or U2; sports games watched live on TV even if it is sport not your usual type so often found playing field-to, activities organized solely around eating good food while.

The operator reported a 45% drop in revenue and an even greater decrease of 46%. The company’s EBITDA was worth AU$237m, which is down from last year by this percentage – around one fourth less than before. A net loss occurred during the same period at 32 million dollars- not including any financials fees or expenses related to running day-to see what happens next!

The Star Sydney is one of many casinos that experienced a dip in revenue this past year. The venue’s total earnings decreased by 6% to AU$781m, but it had been significantly impacted even more than others due the closure of its property for 102 days during Covid-19 pandemic period which lead EBITDA down 60%.

The Star Gold Coast is a well-known landmark in Australia, with its height looming over the city of Brisbane. The property had an impressive 11% revenue growth year on year to AU$424m and it closed for only 11 days during this time span! EBITDA fell 20%, which means there were still plenty opportunities for improvement at this location if you’re looking into expanding your business or starting one from scratch.

There is a 1 in 400 chance that you or someone close to may have struggled with gambling addiction. But, the good news? It’s possible for those struggling individuals can get treatment through government-funded programs like Psychology Today’s online self help portal.

Problem gamblers are not alone in their confusion about what kinks them up. Drs Rodda and Dhami want to spread awareness that many people have these behaviors but don’t know where or how they can get help for it.
The AUT’s newest study provides some insight into the extent of problem gambling, which has been largely underestimated until now thanks primarily due statements by sufferers themselves being stuck on why exactly this happens without any scientific research available.

Gambling is a global problem with 5.8% of the world’s adult population estimated to have had at least one gambling-related disorder in 2016, but only 0 .2%. Those who were considered “severely addicted” had about five times higher chances than those whose risks fall within moderate categories for seeking professional help from an expert.
The research found that there are many reasons why someone might choose not do so; Some may feel ashamed or blame themselves if their luck turns bad while others just don’t know what steps can be taken after experiencing instant gratification on slot machines.

There is still more to be done in Aotearoa, which translates into English as New Zealand.

The Chinese manager of a casino in Cambodia has been arrested, and it’s not hard to see why. The charge? Coercing workers into years’ worth forced labor through threats that their family members would be hurt or murdered if they failed to comply with orders at all times- including during off hours when there is no one working their shifts! It seems this particular group was made up mostly out poor locals who were tricked by promises just enough money could make them happy while actually providing virtually zero benefits along side excessive hour long lines for whatever goods might become available from vendors outside your door before being hustled back inside again without any choice but compliance once everyone.

The 42 Vietnamese who fled the casino after being subjected to treatment befitting modern slavery have reported their escape.

Cambodia’s Immigration Department has sent a team to the Golden Phoenix Entertainment Casino in Koh Thom District, where they detained manager for questioning. The identity of this individual is still unknown as authorities investigate what happened at that location and how it might affect other casinos around Cambodia.

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Casino Review The two companies have announced a partnership that will allow guests at the resort to access complimentary Wi-Fi throughout their stay.

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