The Evolution Gaming company’s revenue increased by 39% in Q1 of this year to €326.8 million!

The Evolution Gaming company's revenue increased by 39% in Q1 of this year to €326.8 million!

For the second consecutive year, EBITDA increased by 43% to €230m from last period. As a result of this impressive growth and widening margin (70%), management is confident about future prospects for earnings per share in line with market expectations
EBTIDA went up by almost half compared to last year’s figure- turnover/profitability can be expected increase accordingly.

The company posted profits amounting to €198m, too with earnings per share before dilution at 0.93 euro. The purchase of 748 thousand shares marks the completion by this supplier’s repurchase programme which has seen 1 ,905 865 shares acquired since it began in 2016.

The Evolution Gaming platform has seen an increase in new users and game launches this past quarter. The company launched their online roulette site, Lightning Roulette; like many other suppliers they moved into the newly regulated market of Ontario where it is legal to operate gambling operations under strict guidelines set forth by both province law as well as federal regulations designed specifically with Canada’s needs concerning responsible gaming licensing practices.

Evolution’s CEO, Martin Carlesund was diplomatically elated with their quarter two performance. He said that they continued the strong development from last year also in this new one—so far it seems like all systems are go!

The events of this year have been very challenging for us, but it is important to remember that not all the time spent dealing with adversity has negative impacts. The pandemic slowly subsiding in Europe and North America during Q1 was a great relief despite being aware from day one how serious an issue it would become when virtually every person who caught anything became infected–and then died because there were no treatments available at first until someone found out how vulnerable they could be made through genetics or lifestyle choices.”

“The war has had a significant emotional impact on us all, but we are continuing to focus solely on the development of our business.”

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