Gordon announced that he would be completing the Three Peaks Challenge in order to raise money for charity.


The UK charity Gordon Moody has reflected on its completion of the Three Peaks Challenge, which is an exhausting journey that demands climbers conquer mountains in Norway and Scotland. This incredible feat for this organization will help them raise funds to support their services as they are growing more popular with each passing day!
A local news outlet reported about how pleased people were after finishing such a challenging task while simultaneously raising money towards improving opportunities available through disability sport.

The hard work and dedication of this team has allowed them to raise a total £229,500 for charity! With the help from friends family members colleagues service users alike they were able climb Britain’s highest mountain.

With a team of 50 people, the adventurers had originally intended to complete an epic challenge in under 50 hours, to commemorate Gordon Moody’s golden anniversary as well!

We all know how difficult it is to recover from addiction. But one group of addicts found that they could get help by doing something no one else had done before: hiking the peak on their own every day for six months straight!
TheGordon Moody Treatment Centre Manager David Hollingsworth said,”In end, our intimacy as part of smaller groups worked really well – bond creation among participants became stronger than ever before and new friendships were made while still working together towards healing ourselves.”

After years of struggling with addiction to gambling, Gordon Moody finally found the courage and motivation for change. He founded his own charity in order bring attention towards this silence-breaking issue by providing residential support as well as treating people who are severely addicted through hospitals or treatment centers all over Great Britain.

The Three Peak Challenge was a fantastic experience for Cheryl and the team. They were able to make some great memories with their partners in crime on this final leg of competition, which proved especially tough given how close they all came together at times during hiking trials!
Adferaid Residential Manager Gordon Moody said: “It felt incredible being back out there after such an intense day; I’m so glad we got another chance before championship week begins.”

The charity committed to providing help for women suffering from gambling harm. The number of ladies seeking treatment has allegedly increased, and it’s estimated that up one million are at risk for becoming addicted!
Marketer Gordon Moody also took part in the GI Huddle’s Problem Gambling series this year – what an impact he is making all over Europe!!

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