Gonzo’s Quest Slot Review

Gonzo’s Quest takes you on a journey to find the lost city of Eldorado and its many riches. Alongside Gonzo, players will see reels filled with birdsong and jungle sounds that provide an underlying track for your gameplay; if they manage not only survive but also collect all five golden coins within each stage!
The game has 20 fixed paylines and uses an avalanche system instead of traditional rolling reels. The key symbols are all inspired by Mayan legend to make it more interesting for players who love mythological themes in their gambling!

Gonzo’s Quest is a new take on the slots game, with an innovative approach to play that makes us feel like we’re in another world. In this Gonzos’ quest review you will discover what it’s all about including:
A summary of our findings and insights from testing out these adventure inspired slot machines The good news for fans who love Retrophobia or any other similar genre – there are plenty more opportunities awaiting your every dollar!

When you play with an avalanche feature, the game simply ratchets up. It’s counter-intuitive because we’re trained to avoid these things but they actually work really well and will multiply your wins manyfold!
Gonzo looks at his hand and smiles. He has the card he needs to take down this game!

Slot Overview

Gonzo’s Quest Slot

The slot game Gonzo’s Quest was created by NetEnt as a tribute to one of the most famous Spanish conquistadors, Gonzalo Pizarro y Alonso. He is known for his legendary voyage in search of El Dorado – or “the golden man” according themade him out-and this adventure has made its way onto online casinos everywhere! The trademarked avalanche engine makes it so players can enjoy excellent potential and outstanding graphics while playing any other slots at their leisure; still today you’ll find many avid gamblers who prefer going after purported adventures like these rather than settling with just another boring standard reel layout.

Gonzo’s Quest is a story-telling slot machine with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines. This game can be played on all devices from 20 cents up to 50€/£ per spin!

The ancient stones on this slot machine are not just for show. They feature mask carvings and can provide up to 125 times your stake in a 5 of kind combination!

There is no greater part about these symbols than the ability to be caught in an Avalanche. And not just any old one, but with their wild symbol substituting for all other standard ones on reels; they can help form winning combinations!

Bonus Games

Play Gonzo’s Quest Slot

If you are lucky enough to be playing the slot game with an avalanche function, then it is likely that your win will not just increase by one but instead multiple times. This means there may suddenly appear more spaces for new symbols throne into existence!

The Avalanche Feature is a complicated and fascinating part of the slot machine, which increases your chances for winnings. After each successful spin on it up until four downturns have occurred in total – just like what happens with normal playing cards- another one will pop out again! This continues until there are no more wins available to be formed from that particular feature’s effects combined together at 5x times speed thanks however all those multipliers kicking into action as well; making things even better than before…

Gonzo’s Quest has something known as “Free Falls” feature built into it. When betting on any three of these free fall symbols, you will be eligible for 10 free falls without spending money!

The function of this game is to increase your chances for success by giving you more multipliers. There are 15x maximum during the feature round, which makes it all the more valuable!

This is great news for players because it means that if they get a Wild symbol during Free Falls round, their winnings will be even higher.


Gonzo’s Quest Slot Bonus

The Gonzo’s Quest slot machine has seven symbols that each represent an important part of the quest to find this lost city. They are all different colored ruins, which help lead us on our journey and provide clues about where in the world they may be found!

Ruin faces forward, high-paying symbols; profile view low payers.

The ruins that face towards you are probably going be some of the most rewarding. The ones with a more subtle design will likely have lower returns on your investment but they’re still worth checking out because there could be an even greater reward waiting for those who venture into them!

In addition to the standard pay lines, there are two special symbols on Gonzo’s Quest. One is a piggy bank which can be replaced with any other symbol for an additional bet and another one that allows you winnings from previous lines regardless of what was chosen as your initial investment!

The gold coin has become one of the most sought-after symbols in this slot Gonzo`s Quest. This is because it not only functions as an opportunity for players to earn bonus rounds, but can also serve as replacement during reels that have been locked out by other special icons like Wilds or Scatters!

To trigger the free spins feature, you need to get three or more gold coins on consecutive reels. They don’t have to line up with any paylines but they do have fall in order from left-to right side of screen first!
Wild symbols are the most valuable of all symbols! They can turn any normal payline into an active free fall. With its help, you’ll be able to get through some really daring moves and take risks that would otherwise go against your strategy if done without it.


Gonzo’s Quest Slot For Free

The NetEnt brand is one of the most trusted names in online gaming. Their slots offer an incredible experience with some memorable titles like Starburst and Mega Fortune standing out, but Gonzo’s Quest may be their go-to for many people because it has all these great qualities too! You’ll love how gorgeous this game looks on your screen as well as its speciality features which make playing more fun than ever before.

Gonzo’s Quest is a wonderful online slots with an amazing feature that gives players the chance to win up 3750 times their stake during one single spin. This makes it very achievable thanks in part by Gonzo`s quest Multipliers which are added bonuses found throughout various levels of play where they count towards achieving higher scores.

The game offers many other great things like free falls and plenty more fun!

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