June saw a new high point in the battle for market share, with FanDuel taking 55%.


FanDuel is dominating the iGaming and online sportsbook market in New York. They took 45% of all handles, 55 percent from their competitors!

DraftKix rules the roost with a whopping 36% share of New York’s revenue and 39 percent handle!

Meanwhile, Caesars took third for handle but its revenue share slump to fourth position at 9%.

The New York market overall generated $72.4 million for June, a 33% decrease from last year’s total and the first month to report less than 100 millions dollars since February 2022 when it was just below that mark at 97%.

With the decline of major sports betting events, FanDuel managed to increase their market share. One reason may be because in March one of New York’s most lucrative months for gambling was 48%.

New York’s handle, however remained above $1 billion. The Empire State took in $105 million for June – its lowest figure since launching their market back in January- despite being right at that threshold all throughout May and early July!
Flutter has persistence when it comes to Iowa where they led sports betting revenue with 45% share of the state’s total gambling dollars spent on sports bettors’ sides.

With DraftKings taking 28% of the market share in Iowa, it’s not surprising that their competition Flutter had an equally tough time. The overall picture for sports betting revenue was not so rosy with 22%. Fluttermaxed at 24%, but didn’t quite make up lost ground after being trumpets as “the new place to play.” They saw falls both ways-from $6M last year down under 8m this past June – a whopping decline.

Sports betting is a hot topic in Iowa, with many casinos experiencing growth. While FanDuel and Boyd’s Diamond Jo Dubuque were two of the only three that reported an increase this year over last – Caesars Sportsbook at Harrah’s did not report any change from 2017 to 2018- there have been increases seen throughout other parts on game day across America as more people than ever before are taking advantage!

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