Gates of Olympus Slot Review

Imagined you made it to the Gates of Olympus only for a ticked off looking Zeus with glowing red eyes, ready rain lightning bolts down on your head. The Ancient Greek gods were famously fickle; many saying they more or less human-like just blessed by power do whatever we wanted them too!

Even in the face of danger, mortal men were always too afraid to make any bold moves. All they could do is wait for one god or another who might be feeling generous enough not only give them some much-needed help but also turn their lives around by giving up something precious – like cattle!

When it comes to gambling, there’s no doubt that many players will tell you can find this fickle spirit anytime. If so then Ancient Greek themed slots are doubly apt for them! That leads us finally with Gates of Olympus from Pragmatic Play who have been increasingly busy developing new game content lately including the popular ticket item generator Tool Values VIP Program which is also available on our homepage right now along side other cool goodies only offered by real fans!

The studio has used a rather unusual theme to introduce an innovative pay-anywhere system. We’re accustomed in this day and age of gambling with slot machines, but rarely do we see regular symbols being essentially scattered across the screen – providing there is enough viewable space for them all! They provide cascades togetherness when multiplied by Zeus’ generosity (should he choose that particular moment), allowing players everything they could want from one simple game: chance encounters met at random intervals throughout your session or after finishing off specific rounds depending how long you wish it.

The Gate of Olympus are not usually thought about in terms sweet treats, but they might come to mind after hearing that this is a follow-up (of sorts) and related title – Sweet Bonanza has been successful for them on account its huge potentials which can be cracked with some epic multipliers. All these return again with Gates Of Olympus; there’s even more changes than before!

Slot Overview

The action takes place on a 6- reel, 5 row grid located in Olympus. Zeus stands off to the side and is ready at any moment pay for when you’ll need him most – which might be soon if this slot becomes popular! It feels heavier than Sweet Bonanza because there’s no swirling pink candy here; it’s all dark forces that have been unleashed upon mankind (and also some lighthearted moments). The default RTP rates are roughly similar though Pragmatic Play gives us their full five star rating with an increased volatility level so get playing now before anyone else does.

The potential for Gates of Olympus slot has gone down, from 21000x to 5000x. This could be a sign that the criticism they’ve received about their sometimes over-exaggerated advertised numbers is reaching Pragmatic Play and thus adjusted them so as not compare unfavorably with what is realistically achievable
The Gate of Olympus is a place where you can win big if luck favors. The game has an impressive maximum bet range from 20 cents or 20 euro cents up until £$/€125 per spin on any device, depending how much risk someone wants to take with their gambling adventure! To start things off right though there are 8 different symbols that need filling throughout each round – landing one will give players some extra points when they remove it from play later down the line which helps them build momentum as well gain knowledge about what other prizes might be waiting just around corner…

The game is simple but it can be tough to win. There are nine regular pays which you will knock together with – five of them being gems in various colors, while the rest are cups or rings for instance; as well an egg timer and crown (which have their own values). If by chance your bet lands 12 times on one symbol type then congratulations because that means YOU’ve won! But no matter what happens there’s never any wild card so don’t worry about going mental here…

Slot Bonus Games

You can also get free spins if you land a Tumble feature symbol. The exciting thing about this slot machine is that it has what’s called Gates Of Olympus which gives out new symbols in place of your standard winning combination when they’re available!

Hit new winning combos to keep these symbols from disappearing! Multipliers worth up 500 times your bet can appear during tumbling sequences, and once they’re done spinning or crashing together again you’ll be able get the values of all those that appeared.

There is a chance that you will get free spins with Zeus himself! He’s not actually played by any one warriors in this game, he just shows up as an icon on the matrix. If your lucky enough to hit at least four different symbols anywhere around him – then congratulations because once chosen start round 15 free spins Gates Of Olympus!

When you see the multiplier icon during these spins and manage to get a winning combo, your total number of multipliers will be added onto what it currently stands at. If there are three or more scatters on screen when playing without any wagers being placed then five extra free-spins shall appear as well! You can also increase chances for triggering this bonus round instantly with an additional bet – winnings from previous rounds don’t count towards activating them though so make sure not miss out by betting early enough.

Max payout at bonus round in x5000 at yours stake!


The Gates of Olympus is a game with nine basic symbols. You don’t have to land matching ones on adjacent reels or specific paylines in order for you win prizes, but it’s helpful if they are nearby since that will increase your chances at getting something good!

Hit the winning combinations to get paid! The icons are scattered all over and you will receive rewards for hitting three of a kind. Low combo is worth 0.25 while high ones pay 2 times base bet), so play wisely.
With the green gem, yellow gem and purple gems players can win up to 4 times their base bet. We also have a chalice on this list which delivers 1.5 or 12 times your original wager!

Its no wonder the hourglass is such a popular symbol. It not only tells you how much time left in your game, but also benefits from being paired with other symbols to increase its value! When receiving 8 or 9 pieces of this shape, betters will receive 2 times their base wager; 10+ gives 10 return for each additional piece obtained while greater than 12 reveals 25x what was placed on top-that’s why it pays so well when playing near perfection . The crowns are best suited towards players looking foward towards possible promotions because they offer an additional chance at earning more money back after every round played – which can add up really fast if luck isn’t kind enough.

The scatter icon is the most valuable symbol in any game. You could win up 100 times your original bet with just one hit!


The new features in Gates of Olympus have made it more volatile than before while still retaining its fun and entertainment value. It’s an unusual system that doesn’t get used often, but when they do roll out this crazy win chains spark at times!

Gates of Olympus is a more attractive option for those looking to gamble hard and win big. The volatility makes it stand out from other games, while the advertised top prize amount has been lowered which ensures players can get their fix without having too much luck on their side either – all things considered this actually helps Gates of Olympus curve up higher than expected!

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