Deadwood Slot Review

Whether they were ranching families or Wild West showdowns, the people who shaping America’s history left their mark on this land. They colonized it and made homes for themselves in an empty frontier where anything could happen at any moment – whether good or bad!

In 2019, Nolimit City burst onto the scene with their revolutionary slot machine Tombstone. The game represents a new era in online gaming and proves that no matter what people want from an experience there is always room for innovation within this industry.

The sequel to Tombstone is a breath-taking, sun soaked blow through the doors into an unfamiliar world where anything can happen and always will. Deadwood – 5 reel layout has been expanded with 1 extra symbol per reel which effectively gives room for 576 different outcomes rather than 108 in its predecessor; this means you’re much less likely find yourself stuck on one pay line!

The RTP for Deadwood has been lowered ever so slightly, but it’s still on the right side at 96%. Not only does this casino offer different payouts here which essentially means you’ll face a whole new beast; there are also more features in Tombstone than what we see with our own two eyes. In short: players get their money back even quicker!

Slot Overview

Deadwood Slot Review

The visual production at Deadwood slot is an absolute stunner, with the originality of its conception still very much intact. With gunslingers and townsfolk galore in both games’ aesthetics – as well they should be! One can’t help but notice how this small studio has grown so dramatically over last year; it’s really quite amazing to see what these people have accomplished.

They say that money can’t buy happiness but in Deadwood slot it actually does. A tiny town with nothing to distract you from the hot sun and dust all around; this is where your fantasies come true! You’ll find casinos full of slot machines which will allow for some quick cash strikes – if not necessarily wins (though who wantsonly loses?). But don’t forget about what’s waiting on top floors: luxurious rooms filled up by trustworthy CEOs eager just enough so they won’t have cause themselves any harm after years spent away at workilled with moldy tapestries or bowels full to bursting for ghouls looking at their reflection in a pool if blood-shot eyes staring back out again just because they can’t help themselves. It revisits familiar ground yet manages not only stay fresh but also improve upon what came before while doing so without repeating any mistakes from earlier chapters along this path: which makes it all worth while reading.

You can play this game with 10 different symbols, and they’re all worth something! The low paying ones come in the form of rusty old metallic coins which have bullet holes through them – these will give you 1X-1.25X for five combinations when played as an individual card or pair (for more advanced players).
The most valuable items in this treasure trove are represented by double barrel shotguns and Deadwood whiskey bottles. For five across a full payline, you’ll get 3 times your stake!

Bonus Games

Play Deadwood Slot Online

The most frequent of these features is the Hunter Wild, a fully stacked wild symbol that can appear on three central reels. When it appears in view partly covered by xNudge feature to cover reel whilst also increasing your win multiplier by 1 for every nudge you make with this nudger! Better yet if there are more than one set or multiple multipliers combined together so 2x becomes 4X etc..

The original version of this game had a special feature where landing on reels 1 and 5 would activate shoot out. The way it worked was if there were any low paying symbols visible in the middle three slots, they’d become wilds for all players to collect during gameplay!

There are not one but two Free Spins games in Deadwood. Landing three buffalo skulls anywhere will give you the option to play 8 Gunslinger or Hunter Spin slots for free! What do they offer?

Gunslinger Spins is a high risk, but potentially lucrative feature that can activate an unlimited win multiplier. If the player lands on any of their reels with this symbol present it will remain active throughout your round and increase by one each time you nudge/spin again without resting or getting locked in place like other features do once they’ve been activated.

Hunter Spins are less volatile option than the Gunslinger Spins. Here, at least 1 wild must land during each consecutive round of spins (resets between). Other than this standard rule set there is also a chance to upgrade your sheriff badge for Shoot Out Spin mode which offers more generous rewards!


Deadwood Slot for Free

The slot machine Deadwood is a high-risk, variance set to the very top level. If you prefer your gameplay more relaxed with regular payouts then this might not be right for you as there are only 576 lines in play at any given time and an RTP of 96%. However it’s possible if unchallenged by higher risk players that one could potentially win 13950x their initial bet!

The game offers an array of opportunities for players to win big, but it’s not easy. You’ll need three or more matching symbols from left-to right on adjacent positions in order get your payout! The number and type depending upon how many identical icons are connected can result either low paying category wins with only one pays per line; high payouts that give out 2 coins per instance when four appear together at once.

The best combinations that include three gold bullion bars. They can represent up to 3x your bet and deliver wins in the range of 3-300 times more than what you put into it!

A shotgun is also a good choice, as well at bottle o’ whiskey (or Deadwood). You’ll need four different symbols together for this one; try getting them all before making any decisions about where or how much money we’re going on here…


Deadwood Slot Game

It’s surprising that one area where things haven’t changed much is the maximum win potential, which at 13 950 times your stake doesn’t stand out too much from its 11 460x on offer in original. Where NetEnt went all-in with Dead or Alive 2 by raising it to 111111x per spin; Nolimit City took a more cautious approach – though they are limited as smaller developers cannot “sell”their games unless there’a option for bets size limitation.

With an all new fresh approach, the developer has avoided lazy clone route of old math model and created a more unique gaming experience with their own spin on it. We’ll have to see how this alternative impacts Tombstone’s market share but as Standalone game – Deadwood does not replace them altogether so players can play whichever one they prefer without having miss out content- wise either way!

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