Das xBoot Slot Review

Das Boot is a 1981 film which received great critical acclaim. It was seen as one of the best films ever made in Germany and is considered one of the most expensive films to date.

It was based on a book of the same name published in 1973 by Lothar-Günther Buchheim. The book is set during WWII and follows the crew of a German submarine as they venture out into the dangerous Atlantic ocean.

When developers are brainstorming new ideas, chances are that U-boats sinking Allied ships during WW2 is not the first topic they come up with.

There might be other studios, but Nolimit is not one of them. They turned Das Boot into Das xBoot, a slot that comes with an arsenal of extras.

The xBoot slot brings you features and basically mechanics from various slots all in one place.

The graphics are what you expect from a game like Das Boot and the action takes place on a sort of dark grey background.

Paradoxically, it’s easy to feel like you can take the Das Boot xBoot for granted when it comes right after Mental.

The slot has an eerie feel which is distinguished by the ‘book style’ visuals and a brilliant soundtrack with a sinister undertone. This combination creates an energizing yet tense feeling that’s exhilarating to experience.

Das xBoot Slot Overview

Das xBoot slot

Das xBoot has been developed by the expensive company NoLimit City. Released on 14.09.2021 it became a success among gaming players for its impressive graphics and thrilling engine.

Reading this review will help you understand all the main features of our project that you can get a taste for from our free demo available on our site.

Das xBoot is an interesting slot game with a ton of features, offers five reels and up to 75,712 ways to win!
Playing Das xBoot slot, you can take advantage of free spins, multipliers and wild symbols. There are two types of free spins which are typical of this game.

Plus, you won’t have to wait for your scatters to be on the field for several minutes before being able to purchase a spin. You can buy them when you want!

Playable from $0.20 to $100 per spin, the base game is played on a 6-reel panel with 2-3-4-4-3-2 symbols arranged in multiple formations based on specific game phases or symbols appearing.

There are 576 possible ways to win this game in its basic form and this can balloon to 75,712 if you take into account the special conditions.

Das xBoot is a highly volatile slot with a 10/10 rating from the manufacturer. Variability means you need to beware of versions with RTP of 96.03%.

The theoretical average frequency of a win is 22.07%. Free spins are also triggered, on average, every 211 spins, and there are two bonus levels. The level of a bonus depends on how many scatter symbols you have hit to activate this particular level.

Das xBoot Bonus Games

Das xBoot Free Games

Don’t go on a long voyage without planning ahead by stocking up on items. Das xBoot gives you plenty of ways to make your trip more enjoyable, with extras like xNudge Wilds, xWays, Silent Hunter Spins and Wolf Pack Spins.

The xNudge Wild is a 4-row wild symbol that always gets nudged for full visibility. With each nudge its multiplier goes up by +1.

xNudge Wilds only appear on reels 3-4, with the exception of during Silent Hunter Free Spins where those wilds are restricted to reels 4.

All multipliers are added to one another and wins are calculated by adding the total multiplier.

The xWays symbol only appears on reels 2 or 5 to reveal 2-3 regular symbols respectively.

If multiple xWays symbols land on the reels, they reveal the same symbol and produce a winning combination.

For every xBomb Wild you score, the global multiplier will increase by 1, then it’ll explode and remove all symbols left on the reels that aren’t winning ones.

Exploding xBombs is a neat feeling, they also turn to wild symbols that then drop to the bottom of the grid. More symbols will tumble in afterwards.

If two or more free spins triggers on the same spin, your win multiplier is carried over to them.

Sometimes the scatter symbol appears on reels 2-5. Three of them triggers 8 Silent Hunter Free Spins, or 4 of them in view activates 8 Wolf Pack Free Spins.

For Silent Hunter Free Spins, reel 3 grows to 8 positions high (just like a periscope), and a new Periscope Wild may land on it.

If matching symbols collide on the 1st and 2nd wheel while a wild symbol is on the 3rd wheel, a torpedo launch sequence occurs. The win multiplier raises by +1.

This is a short boat attack animation. If the boat is sunk, the Periscope Wild covers reel 3. For each position in the stack, the multiplier increases by 1.

This value is added to any existing global multiplier and will stay during the game. If the attack misses, the Periscope Wild will still stay in place and can be used by other players. Finally, scatter wins are worth +2 additional free spins.

For the Wolf Pack Free Spins, a torpedo tube will appear across reels 2-5. Land new torpedo wild symbols and they’ll open up yet another X Ways symbol in the torpedo space!

These cool symbols start on 2, and get +1. The maximum they can posses is 9.

When all the positions of the torpedo are full, it’s ejected from your board, revealing xWays symbols. On positions 2 or 5, these revealed xWays turn into the respective number of regular symbols; on positions 3 or 4 they will become the applicable number of winning credits.

The Nolimit Bonus feature provides players with the option of buying a variety of bonus features. Silent Hunter Free Spins cost 75x the bet and have a 96.57% RTP value, while Wolf Pack Spins cost 350x the bet with an RTP of 96.58%.

Slot Payouts

Das xBoot Payouts

You will find symbols like lower value A, K, Q, J and 10 royals which can boost your winning chance.
The higher-value symbols are all characters (5 including a chef, a signaller, a mechanic, a lieutenant and captain).

The captain symbol offers a great reward and can yield up to 20 x the total bet if you get combinations of 3, 4, 5 or 6.

The gold medal symbol is the xNudge Wild, and it appears 4 times on the reel.

The app always nudges to become fully visible, but invisible mode is an option for those who need it.
In addition to a silver medal XWays symbol and a ship radar Bonus symbol, there is also an xBomb wild on this slot. Here are all of the symbols that you can come across on the reels while you play and what they are worth!


Das xBoot Slot for Free

Das xBoot may not be the most straightforward game around, but it’s way easier than Mental was.
After about a minute of playing, it becomes clear what you’re meant to do so there’s no confusion afterwards.

Mental was a rather challenging game that relied heavily on math, while Das xBoot feels like less of a mental struggle. That’s weird to say though, considering the slot game is based on one of the most pivotal and dangerous battlefields from World War 2.

With comic book graphics and music, the story is softened up to an extent but the whole experience builds tension. Enemies can be sunk and there is a lot of dialogue with the narrator.

The features are a standout choice of Nolimit City classics. Limiting restricted symbols to certain reels was a good idea, adding variety while also amplifying the effects they trigger when they land on the same reel was also very clever.

Silent Hunter Free Spins would generally produce 1 or 2 Free Spin Wilds per round, giving you the opportunity to fill reel 3 with wilds. Get either a xWays symbol or an xNudge in there at the same time and these results can be exciting.

Nolimit City games have shown us before that a single spin can shift the outcome completely. That’s why Wolf Pack Free Spins is the best place to go if you’re looking for chances to win.

You want to build up your high-value symbols on your torpedo as you can, then if you are lucky enough to launch it, the following spin will be nothing short of crazy with all those potential combined wilds, multipliers and multiple ways in.

Word puzzles can be easy even for experienced board players. However, in practice mode during one of the tests, the game would create fireworks on every spin only to stop with nothing on the first reel.

Das xBoot’s gameplay is so extreme, it feels like a metaphor for a fruitless or successful submarine hunt. The odds of U-boat sailors surviving the war were only 20%.

However, there’s a far smaller chance that you’ll hit the max win on Das xBoot’s. If you do, though, a massive haul worth 55200x the bet is coming your way, triggering the Das Gold Des Roter Teufel feature as the round shuts down.

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