Cheating at casinos is a serious problem. A recent study found that 25% of arrests in this industry are caused by employees!


The news of cheating in casinos has been a hot topic for many years. It’s not surprising, given that it happens right here and there across America – but what makes Vegas different?
I’m sure you’ve heard about people getting caught trying to unobtrusively pass along information about cardsleeve choices or even worse; colluding with other players! These types don’t deserve any empathy because ultimately they’re putting their own interests above those who play against them (that would be everyone). However this also raises questions as far how vulnerable gaming institutions can actuallybe when faced by such skullduggery which leads nicely into my next point…

The first casino was invented in modern-day America, and from that moment on people have been trying to beat the system. There are two types of cheats: inside jobs where someone working at a casino might be able give you advice on how they cheated so it doesn’t happen again for them; these guys usually go by different names like “casino employee” or ‘house dealer’ because only those employees know what really goes down inside your average gaming hall.

Cheating at casinos is a huge problem. Chief James Taylor from the Nevada Gaming Control Boards’ Enforcement Division tells us how they’re fighting back against these cheats and what players should look out for.

Casino cheats are everywhere. You can find them in every corner of the world, from sleazy gamblers to organized criminals who view casinos as their perfect crime scene because they never stop gambling themselves!

“Many machines have glitches that are not found during development. Cheaters will find these glitches.” 

What’s more, casinos are seen as cold and faceless operations. They won’t miss a small amount of cash!

Cheats have developed card counting machines, light optic devices and the ‘ Nikrasch device’ to help them rig casinos. These tools are so sophisticated that even slot machine experts need cheater’s equipment in order for it work!

The Enforcement Division has a tough job. they’re tasked with not only catching gambling cheats after the event, but proactively stopping them beforehand so that no one can successfully cheat at all!

“We have a lot of employees that struggle with issues like addiction, financial problems and work-related stress. These are often caused by many different things,” he said before listing off some common causes for employee conflict in the workplace: “Addiction is one example; money difficulties can also contribute greatly.”

The casinos of Nevada continue to lose millions every year because their employees are constantly cheating them. The problem has been going on for some time now and it’s clear that upper management doesn’t have a handle on what is happening inside the walls, let alone how organized crime groups could be involved as well!

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