Camelot’s decade-high scores are likely to be a thing of the past as High Court lottery appeal looms.

Camelot's decade-high scores are likely to be a thing of the past as High Court lottery appeal looms.

Camelot has reported its highest National Lottery retailer satisfaction scores since 2012, with overall levels reaching 75% across the 2021/22 fiscal year. 

The company seems to be getting its act together after losing the national lottery licence. A recent survey revealed that 95% of those surveyed were either satisfied or very pleased with how they had been treated by this operator!

It seems that no one is immune to the whims of fortune! The National Lottery’s license was lost when Allwyn Entertainment bought out Karel Komarek’s company last year. Camelot has yet again appealed this decision, but we’ll have wait until their appeal process plays itself out before knowing whether or not they will be successful in regaining what was once ours…

In the report, it is revealed that Camelot’s sales force has doubled and £20m ($25.3) was invested into customer engagement as part of a strategic review conducted in 2017 which led to National Lottery successes such as steadily increasing retailer satisfaction; these findings are attributed largely due an increased focus on gaming habits with targeted offers tailored specifically towards players’ needs—allowing them more opportunity for accumulation over time
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“I’m so proud of all our 44000 retail partners that play an absolutely vital role in the face for The National Lottery,” said Camelot Retail Director Jenny Blogg. She went on to explain how their initiatives have made things better over recent years, when it comes down tough times like these–with challenging market conditions at hand!

“It’s really important to keep the satisfaction of our retail partners at heart. It was a tough few months for all of us, but they stuck with us through thick and thin – thank you so much! We will continue doing everything in our power because it’s what good retailers do.”

The National Lottery Retailer Hub has been a great resource for employees and retailers alike. It provides resources with training to help them be the best they can, as well rewards that have totalled over £2 870 000 in just two years!

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