Book of Dead Slot Review

There are many Ancient Egypt based online slots, but to be honest (some may say there are too many) and to make them accessible in one place, we have separated the slots that are Ancient Egypt based into two categories; those games with Egyptian themes and those games with Ancient Egypt settings. The former category includes some of the most popular online slots out there while the latter has a few slot games that may be worth adding to your casino rotation. Ancient Egypt Slots like Book of dead is one of our favorite online slot because it is so relaxing and exciting!

That being said, it’s highly likely that the game has been popular for a long time, thanks to its simplicity and rewarding design.

The graphics and built in features seem to be the reason this app (without mentioning which one) will never bore you.

As with any slot game, Book of Dead is a gamble that deserves your attention.

When you access the slot, it will display five reels.

You can view 3 rows of information in this table, so you won’t find anything odd about how it’s laid out.
You can bet on up to 10 different lines to try and enjoy an even better win when you play.

However, you do have the option of customising these by using the +/- buttons next to the relevant box.
At the same time, you can customise the value of the wager that you place. The coin value is one of your first options and it affects both your winnings and losses for each spin. The next option is the number of lines available. You can choose between three and ten and you will be able to increase your chances of winning by betting on more lines. The best bet is after all, the one that you make yourself. If you want to adjust the payout, then it’s worth putting your mouse over any wager and changing its settings in terms of payout odds or coin value.

With a minimum bet of 1 cent, this ranges between 0.01 and 1 in bet value. The number of coins may vary from one to five to suit your needs.

A maximum overall wager of up to 0.10 – 50$ per spin.

Book of Dead Slot Overview

Book of Dead Slot

“Play’n GO is also known for its interesting graphics that it provides in its games,” says one user. Book of Dead slot machine proves this.

The background shows a temple-like tomb, which sets the mood right away.

The symbols go from 10-A and are both on the reel.

The icons with both K and A letters are the ones that will give you 150x your bet in rewards.

The next icon is the phoenix, symbolizing rebirth. It’s followed by a picture of Anubis who in ancient Egyptian religion was the god of death and embalming.

Rich Wilde tops these symbols off, as seen next to a Pharaoh.

He can reward you with the maximum payout of 5,000 times your stake.

So far, it sounds as if both the external appearance and the special features on this slot have really stood out to you.The progressive jackpot is a very unique feature, as well as the wild symbols, which can substitute for other symbols on the reel to give players more ways to win.

There aren’t many of these, so it will take a while to browse them all. That said, the experience will be amazing .””I can’t wait to try the experience,” you say.

Book of Dead Slot Bonus Game

Book of Dead Slot Bonus

What would a conquer and explore themed slot game be without some exciting inbuilt features?

One of the reasons we like this slot game from Play`n GO is the fact that there is nothing useless or unnecessary in the game. You are never forced to spend money in order to access a feature that doesn’t necessarily need it.You can win up to 5,000x your bet once per spin on this slot game, and you can also double your prizes if you get 3 or more scatters.

The first feature of this game are the wild symbols, that subject to more scrutiny are the book it is based on.The second feature of this game are the Scatter symbols, which will be expanded on more in further paragraphs.The third feature is that it has a relatively low payout percentage. These features are not listed in any particular order, but they are all important to know when playing this game.

This is both wild and scatter. It will substitute for all other symbols on the reels of Book of Dead.

This is because it has the ability to act as a scatter symbol and you’ll get payouts as soon as there are three or more anywhere on the reels. The wild card is the Book and appears in the centre of any reel.

Landing this on reels one and four will award a payout. For example, you spin into a winning combination worth $50 with two scatter symbols, two wild cards and two regular symbols. You’ll get $100 in total – that’s because the Book is on reel three, so you’ll get paid out for it too.

Once you see five scattered wilds on display, your wager will get multiplied by x200.

An additional three or more scatter symbols will activate 10 free spins in the game.

You’ll be given 10 of these to play through, with an added bonus.

One of the symbols will also be chosen to expand before free spins round starts.

This is one of the higher-paying symbols, and every time you see it appear on a reel and form part of a winning combination, it expands to cover the entire reel or reels that are beside it.

Win up to 5000x your bet with the Rich Wilde and Book of Dead slot game.

Book of Dead has a Gamble round which activates when you line up a winning combination on the board. It can be activated three times and it is really exciting to play. You get to choose the wager of your next game. When a player activates their Gamble round, they must place the winning symbol in the center column of their board.

The gameplay is straightforward, with the option to guess either color or suit of the next card. Get it right and you are rewarded twice that much.

Book of Dead Slot Payouts

Book of Dead Slot Online

The Book of Dead slot is traditionally as mysterious and mythical as Ancient Egypt itself. After you step into the light, you will encounter Anubis and Osiris – the gods of death in Egyptian mythology.

The environment is authentic and gives you an experience that feels like it’s out of a Hollywood flick. It all looks great, so you get the feeling that everything is authentic.

Rich Wilde has been tasked with discovering the elusive tomb. He sets out on a mission that pushes him to his limits and soon discovers the Book of Dead.

The soundtrack should give you an understanding of the type of game, with a thumping beat that builds anticipation during the Free Spins. With bigger wins available, you could get one step closer to victory.

There are 11 symbols, including the wild and scatter symbols, which appear on the reels.

You get 9 more traditional symbols, like A, K, Q, J and 10 royals. There are also two god symbols: Horus (the falcon god) and Anubis (god of the dead). Plus there’s Osiris (man of fertility) who is usually depicted with a green bird headdress.

The most rewarding symbol is Rich Wilde (the intrepid explorer). 5 on a win line pays 500 times your stake but 2 just pays out the stake.

The Book symbol is not only a wild but also your scatter. When you hit it as wild, it will substitute for any other reel symbol to form winning combinations.


Book of Dead Slot For Free

The game we couldn’t think of better to represent what Play’n GO stands for is Play’n GO!

Book of Dead is one of the best games in 2018 thanks to its incredible graphics, deep gameplay and extensive specials.

Considering that post writing can give you a chance at landing big-time results, there is definite allure to it in comparison with what’s easily identifiable on the surface.

“We’re big fans of the free spins round, which also includes an Expanding symbol to help you win even more.”

The inclusion of a gamble round in the Book of Dead game means that – alongside numerous other features, like free spins and an immersive menu system – this has to be one of the most enticing slots from Play’n GO.

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