Bonanza Slot Review

When the casino streaming era began, it was not uncommon for sessions to be dominated by high variance offerings from NetEnt or Thunderkick. However in recent times we have seen a rise of Megaways’-style games that offer more traditional gameplay with an emphasis on risk versus reward player experiences; before this shift there were few companies producing progressive jackpots which made them stand out amongst their competitors as leaders among online gaming platforms.

Microgaming’s 243-liners were the first to offer a full range of features that would eventually be found in Megaways, though they did not have quite as many lines or payouts at launch.

When Bonanza rolled out across the online casino, it initially did so without making much noise. As time went by and as more people started playing this new game that was just introduced to them through their computer screens or mobile devices – casino streaming communities were quick on noticing what had happened within those first few days of availability: The popularity grew steadily until there came a point where no one ever seemed willing or able (in fact) play anything else but simply watch how high our luck would take us all over again!

The game was unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. The reel layout and music were quirky, but it also came with a different kind of potential that made people want to keep playing for hours on end!

So what about the game then? For those new to online gaming, here’s a rundown. Bonanza is an 6-reel gold mine themed slot that although not the first Megaways creation became most widely associated with their concept due in part because it was one of many games created by this company and had more success than others before them which made people familiar with how things worked when playing on line.

Slot Overview


The game is highly popular, with many people playing it. There are also some features that make this experience more enjoyable for players like cascading reels which help form winning combinations and an increasing win multiplier as you spin your bet onto the screen – up to €/£20 per spin! You can find these games at most casinos on our platform so head over now if what we have here interests yer fancy.
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When you first enter the virtual world of Bonanza, it is hard to miss all that surrounds. The quiet mining town sits overlooking a busy gold mine in which miners work tirelessly day after day for their chances at success – and sometimes even find more than they bargained on! As players explore this drivable landscape from different angles (including up-close views), hillsides covered by lush tree canopies are visible alongside waterfalls and rocky outcrops – giving them plenty opportunity make fine picturesque shots while here too before returning home later when everything has healed.

There are 9 different symbols in total with 5 being gemstones that can payout up to 50 times your bet. The highest paying symbol is the emerald at 6:1 odds while an amethyst will only give you 2:1 returns on any wagers placed against it!

The game is played on an array of 117 649 Megaways, which are separated into six reels. A win can be credits if three symbols appear adjacent to one another horizontally or vertically; there’s no payline involved in this slot machine!

The symbol for this game is the little ball. On top of these four carts, there are six different balls that can all line up in a straight row to create Reels Two through Five – each with its own unique set off symbols which count towards your winnings when you land them during gameplay!

Slot Bonus Games

Play Bonanza Slot With Bonuses

Not to sound like a broken record, but this slot has got some really cool features. For starters the way that they’re set up is super-special and also offers players free spins!

When four scatters appear on the screen, launching twelve free spins. Any extra gold bars awards five more! After each reaction – that is to say win – during this time you’ll be able increase your multiplier by one too which means that if everything goes according plan then eventually we can expect up tp twenty doublings in total ( multiply x2 ).

The possibilities are endless with this game. If 3 scatter symbols come into view during free spins round, it will add an extra 5+ spins on top of your current total remaining and there’s also a Unlimited Win Multiplier activated for that specific moment in time!

The more coincidences you get during free spins, the better!

Slots Payouts

Bonanza Megaways RTP of 96%

It’s true that this game has an incredibly high volatility. So much so, we must warn players not to bet big or they will find themselves penniless quickly! You’ll want make sure you top off before playing because if things go wrong with your bets and it takes too long for payout then chances are good something bad might happen like getting hacked etcetera.

The only thing that could stop you from piling up more and more wins is your own gambling addiction. If this sounds like something appealing to do with the weekend then go ahead – but know there are risks involved!

With a Bonanza Megaways RTP of 96%, players can expect to win up 26,000 times their total stake.

Slot Conclusion

Play Bonanza for Real Money

Bonanza is the godfather of high-variance, ultra luck gaming. The game has been highly influential in popularizing Megaways concept while also propel Big Time Gaming almost overnight to become one if top providers within industry without any prior experience or knowledge about it beforehand! It’s true that some aspects can be compared with success story Starburst but I would argue their impact was far greater – witness how many people now play games developed by this company after only hearing good things from friends who played before them…

Megaways has been a dominating success from the get-go, and it seems like there are more people trying their hand at challenge than ever before. However we’re not seeing any new innovations that could threaten this position yet – which also just goes towards showing how incredible MEGAWAYS really was!
Bonanza is one of the most analyzed games out there, with many spin-offs and variations available. To add onto this impressive list are Megaways licensees such as Blueprint Gaming who have created their own take on Bonanza gameplay in order to provide players something new for all tastes!

If you’re a slots fan and haven’t played Bonanza yet, then this is the time to do it. With its incredible graphics combined with an immersive sound design that will keep your ears perked up for all of gameplay – there really isn’t anything else like it on any other online casino site!

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