Big Bad Wolf Slot Review

Does anyone play online slot games regularly? If so, they’ve probably come across Big Bad Wolf.

This is a game that with its colorful and playful style which allows for ease of interaction is becoming increasingly popular.

Big Bad Wolf Slot machine are so popular among gamers that they even have variations of the theme.

You can get Christmas-themed versions of the games, while Big Bad Wolf Cereal is also available.

Some people still haven’t tried out Big Bad Wolf, probably because they’re intimidated by the interface and aren’t sure how it will function for them.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the original game with our slot review.

Does this slot game use symbols? It may have a twist on the traditional slots format.

What does the payouts for this slot entail, and is it a good choice to play during periods of volatility?

So, if you want to know more about our game, just head over to our website and check us out!

Big Bad Wolf Slot Overview

Big Bad Wolf Slot Review

Big Bad Wolf is a game based off of the Three Little Pigs fable and stars a big bad wolf.

The game’s various animated characters will have their own narrative, which players can follow or not.

The game’s graphics show the Big Bad Wolf spinning away all sorts of symbols that make up the wall, towards a piggy’s house. If you score high enough, you will force the piggy to flee and they’ll be on their way.

The game flows through the 3 houses of straw, wood, and brick.

If you manage to blow the three houses, the story will reach an usually macabre conclusion. The wolf will walk away with the three little pigs in a sack after abandoning the brick house, with the game continuing on.

The graphics are well done and suit the theme of the game. The wolf is animated very well and each of the three little pigs has its own unique personality.

The backgrounds, music, and general atmosphere in the game match fairy tales quite well.

The standard symbols are drawn as wooden crates that look right at home in the piggy houses.

The other symbols on the illustration include four main characters, plus objects that are relevant to the theme (a full moon, a beehive, a stuffed toy piggy).

This is a video slot that can take you back to the days when you were watching Looney Tunes as a kid.

Big Bad Wolf games have proven to have exceptionally high returns over time, which is a sign of great quality. Quickspin’s average return on investment (ROI) stands at just below 97%.

However, payback ranges vary by location and other factors. You can get an idea of what you might be able to expect from the payout table.

This slot has a high volatility score of 4.24 out of 5 possible points and is Safer-Win-Win®, meaning you can play it more than once and win the same amount! Also, the RTP version has slightly lower volatility at 4 out of 5.

Big Bad Wolf Slot Bonus Game

Big Bad Wolf Slot Online

After every win, a spinning reel bonus appears on the right side.

When a block has been won, the symbols are replaced with different ones from above.

The game becomes more fun and exciting thanks to these bonuses.

With the symbols alternating between wilds and high-valued symbols, you might find yourself with a big pile of cash.

“I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down!” is a great story about wind to help kids learn how quickly it can be violent. This tool can make their job easier with interactive learning modules.

Moon symbols can be important during the bonus round. Players should collect them to get more spins and extra rewards! After collecting 3 moon symbols, the Wooden House falls down and you’ll get 2 free spins.

There are 6 available moon symbols and if you match them all you’ll get 1x multiplier, plus the wolf will take 1 brick from the house and 2 free spins.

On Big Bad Wolf, you need to get 3 ‘Wolf Scatter symbols (3) to trigger the free spins promotion. You can get an additional 10 free spins by getting three more scatter symbols during the bonus round.

20 total spin bonuses! Enjoy the bonus rounds with the Blow Down The House feature too.

Slot Payouts

Big Bad Wolf Slot For Free

There is no progressive jackpot on this slot machine. You can still win some decent-sized payouts here though!

The maximum win is £153,125 if you play with the highest possible bet level of £125!

These are the simpler and more likely to hit payouts versions, with a potential of 2103x of stake. It has a max bet option set at £100 though, so the potential to win is capped at £210.300.

Big Bad Wolf slots have more value to them when using regular symbols. The three little pigs and a small pig are the top symbols that come with this game.

3-5 identical symbols on a payline to win. There is the paytable for Big Bad Wolf:

You may be familiar with the low-value symbols that pay 4x and 3x for 5 on a payline, but there are also some rules you should know to maximize your earnings. Beehive Wild acts as regular wild and pays 40x for 5 on a payline, while Wolf Scatter does not pay anything but 3 on the screen triggers the free spins feature.

Straw House Pig – Pays 12x for 5 on a payline. Wooden House Pig – Pays 10x for 5 on a payline. Brick House Pig – Pays 10x for 5 on a payline. Toy Pig – Pays 8x for 5 on a payline.


Big Bad Wolf Slot Machine

Best slots games are ones that go well with smartphones have been recently introduced at a casino in our state. Big Bad Wolf is a great game for mobile viewers comes with a few fun features added on to it!

Chunky graphics will be easy to read on a small screen, and this slight loss of detail isn’t an issue.

To conclude our Big Bad Wolf slot review, we can confirm that this is a game that caught on for good reasons. It’s a Quickspin slot with striking graphics set to entice your senses, and it has a broad appeal as well thanks to its nostalgic presentation.

The gameplay is easy to grasp because it uses the standard mechanics of a slot game with some novel twists (particularly the full moon feature).

There is an accompanying story with each level of the game, which gives it just a little more entertainment value.

The game also works fine on mobile, making it a good game to play while away from home.

Multiple versions of your podcast that you can choose from will also prove to be very helpful for many.

The new Big Bad Wolf includes even more features and options, while the original still has a lot of space to offer.

If you are not familiar with slot games, perhaps it’s time to give this one a try. After all, how could the wolf ever win if you don’t help him?

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