Anti-smoking group to hold protest outside of a gaming conference in New Jersey

Gaming conference

The East Coast Gaming Conference (ECGC) might be the place to go if you are looking for some gaming action this Thursday. As well as inside of its hall, there will also likely plenty happening outside during their event time!

The Casino Employees Against Smoking’s Effects (CEASE) will be holding a protest outside of the ECGC on Thursday along with other touristic attractions such as The Hard Rock Casino.

The ECGC cancelled a panel discussion on indoor smoking, which prompted CEASE to respond. Although the size of their planned protest is still unclear, it’s clear that they’re not going down without making some waves!

The futures of the casino and its dealers are in unsafe hands. The three most powerful people at this institution should be ashamed for letting it come to this, but I know that they won’t since their livelihoods depend on keeping things status quo which is exactly why we need YOU! Leading our protest will be Lamont White with Pete Nacarelli co-leader from CEASE – both members specialize as sellers/dealers at nearby casinos so he has firsthand knowledge about what happens when something goes wrong…I also want everyone else who cares enough not just hear us out before making up your mind whether or not joining these protests make sense FOR YOU personally.

The organizations joining us today in this important fight include Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights and United Auto Workers. They’re all coming together to help put an end once and ffore Xavier Martin’s illegal cigarettes grow operation.
The people who want nothing more than pristine air quality around them can rest easy knowing that their efforts are being backed by some very powerful forces.

The protest will take place at 2:15pm Eastern Time, immediately following Governor Phil Murphy’s keynote address.

During the height of Covid-19, there was a greater receptiveness to limiting smoking inside US casinos. This prevented virus transmission and helped keep people safe during an otherwise bumper year for gambling!

Lawmakers are hesitant to pass smoking restrictions for fear that it will impact property revenues. However, there’s been little resistance from casino-goers and a subsequent lack of attention on their behalf – leaving these anti-smoking laws low on the totem pole right now.
A lot can change in four years–especially when you take into account how much pressure companies like Macauley have applied since he first started pushing this issue back at least ten years ago!

We’ll have to wait and see how this proposed demonstration affects public opinion on the issue.

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