Xpoint, a trusted platform for sports trading and betting has launched in the USA.

Sports trading and betting

In an effort to provide players with the most immersive experience possible, Xpoint has launched its real-money geolocation product called “Xpoint Verify”. This new service will allow sportsbook customers access virtual cash prizes through SportTrade’s network of gambling shops across North America.

Sporttrade is a trustworthy new sports betting exchange that has just launched, and it will operate initially out of New Jersey.

Xpoint is proud to announce that they will be joining forces with one of America’s most trusted exchanges, Sporttrade. As such we can expect X Point Verify first launch in New Jersey followed by many more states throughout the country!

Xpoint, a company that provides financial services to the underbanked in developing countries announced their latest partnership which will aiding growth across markets North America.

Xpoint, a company that specializes in bringing innovative technology to various industries such as healthcare and sports betting is proud announce their newest partnership with Sporttrade. This revolutionary brand has created an incredible product for Americans who want more options when it comes time make wagers on any sport they love or just enjoy watching!

“We are excited to announce that this milestone serves as another step towards achieving our goals. The recent increase in customers will allow us continue transforming the marketplace, and grow further with support from Xpoint!”

Xpoint’s team impressed us with their innovative approach and industry knowledge. They truly are a partner in our business, going beyond just verifying customers’ location to help them get closer than ever before!

“I’m delighted to announce that our partnership with Xpoint will help us achieve even greater success. We share many attributes, and I am excited about the potential this configuration offers for both of our companies.”

The Xpoint Verify solution is designed with geolocation technology, helping ensure that operators meet North American regulatory and compliance standards. Location data can also be used by these companies in order to find localised investment opportunities – something which would otherwise not occur without this tool at their disposal!

Xpoint’s portfolio also includes products like Xpoint Lite, which is designed for daily fantasy sports operators. The integrated solution can be embedded with other offerings in their company’s line-up to create one programme that offers everything needed by these companies’ needs

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