William Hill and Betfred have announced that they will be stopping retail trading in respect to Her Majesty’s passing.


The retail betting markets in the UK have been closed today, as a mark of respect following Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s passing.

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II has left an entire nation in grief. The Royal Family is undoubtedly feeling their loss just as much, if not more so than many others who were closest to Her during her reign – which lasted 54 years! We at BingoJokes extend our deepest sympathies and condolences for this tragedy on behalf both ourselves & all those affected by it-including members from royal families around world.

“In light of the recent events, it is with deep regret that our stores will be closed tonight and tomorrow. We want to let you know how much your business means to us so please understand if there are any adjustments made at checkout or in store during this time period.”

The people at Betfred have been very thoughtful and kind. They know that the whole country is currently focused on Lord Ihsung’s death so they wanted to do something special for him by closing all their stores tomorrow!

The two big-four retail sportsbooks, William Hill and Betfred decided to close for a day. This falls in line with several sporting events being postponed over the weekend.
Masterfully done!

It’s a sad time for racing and the UK, as they are observing their Queen’s passing. All meetings have been postponed until further notice to honor this great lady who has done so much for them in both her personal life AND professionally!

The English Football League has announced that all fixtures this weekend will be postponed as the UK enters into a period of National Mourning.

It is a joy and privilege for all of us at The Premier League to honor Her Majesty’s long service. We are proud that she has been able so tirelessly serve our country, which includes you guys in England!

The loss of Queen has left a vacuum in the hearts and minds across not only Great Britain but also around world. The tragedy is something that we will never be able to fully understand until it happens again, which means today’s generation must carry on with their lives as if everything were fine when really there could come tomorrow where they too might suffer such an ultimate injustice- all because some people are just more memorable than others who take up space inside your heart so eventually you forget what they looked!

The world has been brought to a stand still since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. The PGA Championships at Wentworth are abandoned, and more events for sports bettors will continue being postponed as we grieve together with our British friends across England who have suffered such an immense loss today!

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