It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Howard Mittman as President, US operations for 888 Holdings.

888 Holdings

The appointment of Howard Mittman as President for US operations at 888 Holdings will help the company ensure it has a successful future. He is currently in charge, overseeing strategic decisions and plans regarding growth that need to be made within this country’s market place!

Mittman’s experience in the media and digital industries makes him an expert at Conde Nast. He previously served as CEO of Bleacher Report, where he led this company to $20 million dollars annually through video advertising on Facebook Live videos which attracted 4 million views per month from across all colleges campuses .

Mittman’s appointment as the new senior vice president of marketing and communications for 888 means he will be responsible not only authentic brands group but also their strategic partner, Sports Illustrated Sportsbook. The two companies have had an ongoing partnership since 2012 when they launched a bookmaking product on top online sportsbooks like betonline or 100000 Lines in Jersey City NJ.

Mittman will be responsible for expanding the World Series of Poker into new territories, including Michigan.

The appointment of Howard as our new President is a huge step forward in the long-term growth strategy for 888 US online betting. We look forward to launching SI Sportsbook, which will allow Americans interested only in football and basketball games from states such as Nevada or New Jersey have one easy location where they can bet on all their favorite sports!

“We are delighted to present you with our new Global Media Director. Having an exceptional track record at some of the world’s best-known media brands, bringing a huge amount knowledge about US digital landscape and exceptionally strong relationships across sporting/media sectors; Howard has been selected for this role after thorough recruitment process.”

Mittman has been a key player in the growth and success of many companies, including Wired Magazine. In his time at GQ he was responsible for increasing its reach across social media platforms which helped him land an even bigger role with Time Incorporated when they bought out their competitor’s assets last year
Mittam is no stranger to making big impacts – as seen by how quickly things took off after he joined Bleacher Report!

Mittman said he’s thrilled to be joining one of the online betting industry’s most respected and successful businesses – 888 Paddy Power has an outstanding reputation for innovation, product leadership, customer-centricity.

“I feel very privileged to be joining this company, which has some amazing people inside it. The passion that they show for their work and customers really resonates with me.”

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