The iconic Heart Bingo is to be relaunched by Bet Victor and Global.

BetVictor Announces Partnership with Heart Bingo - BetVictor Blog

The iconic Heart Bingo is to be relaunched by Bet Victor and Global. The new version of the game, which first launched back in 1998 with five slots on offer for players has been completely reworked so as not only keep things interesting but also appeal modern day netizens who are looking forward playing something different from their usual fare – or even just like having some fun!

Global’s Director of Enterprise, Joel Stern said: “We are excited to partner with BetVictor and provide our players an even better experience. Our research shows that Heart Bingo is one the UK’s best-loved bingo brands with a loyal community who enjoy playing games for fun or winning prizes.”

The new Heart Bingo will be an exciting game with innovative features that are exclusive to Bet Victor. The bingo rooms were designed by players, for players and come complete with Pragmatic Play slot machines so you can win big!

“We’re so excited to be partnering with such a well-respected and much loved bingo brand. Heart Bingo players are sure going love all the extra features in our pipeline, along side some familiar games you know from your childhood! We have also added new ones–keep an eye out for them because they might give inspiration when it comes time for another try at winning that big prize!”

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