The Hard Rock Northern Indiana has just opened its newly renovated sportsbook, which will be able to accommodate even more fans for the games they love.

Hard Rock Casino

Hard Rock has taken the next step in expanding their gaming amenities by opening a sportsbook on 11 May 2022.

Indiana is celebrating as the casino has led land-based gaming revenue in Indiana since January. The Hoosier state’s top employers are taking home more money than ever before, including both table games and slot machine play!

Exciting news! The Hard Rock Casino is getting a new sportsbook and it will be located next to the famous cafe, just off of main casino floor.
The operators have promised that this location has all sorts of betting options including some fun features not found anywhere else in Northern Indiana – so if you’re looking for something different then head on down there soon before they’re gone forever!

Hard Rock’s new sportsbook will not offer horse betting, as claimed in their latest statement. They have instead chosen to focus on tennis and golf while offering UFC fights alongside other events such as NASCAR races. The operator promises that this venue is going provide guests with an unforgettable experience through its large LED display screen which also showcases food from Hard Rock Café next door!

Matt Schuffert, President of Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana said: “I’m very excited to finally announce the opening our new sports book as a great addition for all your gaming needs.”
“The sportsbook is an exciting addition to our already stellar collection of gaming amenities, especially with its new and innovative features. We can’t wait for the opportunity it will provide guests who love betting on their favorite sport or game!

The Hard Rock Casino has only been in operation for a year and it’s already generating buzz with its newest attraction: The Steel Moon. This video game combined rides will be an 18-minute virtual reality adventure that takes players through outer space combating aliens while playing their favorite music from artists like Queen & David Bowie!

Hard Rock International’s latest partnership is one that will be sure to excite racing fans. The company has partnered with Oracle Red Bull Racing ahead of this year’s Miami Grand Prix, and it involves 1,600 slots as well 80 table games for more than 2100 gaming positions!
Hard rock international recently announced they were investing 300 million dollars into building their newest casino which includes 1600 slot machines alongside an incredible selection bar top betting options such card rooms or sportsbooks too; there really isn’t anything you can find anywhere else if what your lookin’for–and I mean ANYWHERE!!!

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