The company Betfair International has just announced that it will be partnering up with one of the most iconic football players in history, Ronaldo!

Betfair International

Betfair is pleased to announce that it has signed Brazilian former football player Ronaldo Nazário as its latest brand ambassador. The company believes he will be able not only bring his own huge fan base across the globe, but also provide an insight into how betting sites can become more accessible for people living outside of countries where Football tenure plays out – making them even better acquainted with international sports gambling trends!

The headline is about to get even more exciting. Brazil’s former striker Ronaldo will be joining Betfair on 30 June, which marks the 20th anniversary of his country’s last World Cup victory when he scored two goals that won them it all back inowler 2002!

In a career that spanned two decades, Ronaldo won many awards and honors. He was twice named FIFA World Player of the Year as well as earning himself three consecutive Ballons d’Or between 2000-2004 while at Inter Milan before moving onto Real Madrid where he would win another 2 Championships with them over eight years combined!

To celebrate their partnership, Betfair published a video on its social media channels covering the highlights of Ronaldo’s career. In addition to this amazing opportunity for some free advertising and PR! The company also announced that by becoming an ambassador with them you’ll be joining fellow Brazilian ex- footballer Rivaldo as well who was once teammates back when he played soccer at Barcelona Football Club.

“Join me, fellow ambassadors! I have worn this shirt before and it makes us very proud today,” said Ronaldo as he pulled up his Betfair uniform. “This partnership will bring you amazing experiences from the world of football.”

The operators are ready for what is expected to be a busy betting period when the event kicks off in November. With news coming out of Portugal that they’re partnering up with one of their most well-known stars, Ronaldo cannot arrive faster than this!

Ronaldo, one of the most well-known figures in modern football and Rivaldo himself have joined forces to help promote Betfair. This is a huge opportunity for us as we can now offer their vast experience with both fans young and old alike!
I’m excited about this partnership because not only will they be able share some tips on how you too can win big at betting but also give people an insight into what it feels like when your life changes overnight – which happens all too often thanks to sports gambling.

Betfair has been making a lot of noise in Brazil lately with their high profile ambassadors and bettors. They’re looking to deliver premium experiences that are unmatched by any other betting company, so they can get even closer on all levels!

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