Pariplay proudly announced that they have granted registration for Buenos Aires City.

The city of Buenos Aires has just given Pariplay approval to be a registered supplier.

The grant of registration to the NeoGames subsidiary is a major milestone for them, as it will allow access into “Argentina’s most dynamic city within online sector.”

The company is excited about its new partnership in Buenos Aires, where it will be able to provide operators with access not only the localised content but also international gambling brands.
In addition this market has strong traditions for gaming which make it an even more attractive place among players both domestically and internationally.

The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires has a rich heritage in the industry and it is very satisfying for us to have gained our first supplier license here.

In an attempt to serve the needs of gamers throughout Latin America, Next Games has announced that they will be expanding their reach into this region with a specific focus on operations in Mexico City. With so many great opportunities available for players across these countries it’s no wonder why video game development is becoming increasingly popular among developers and enthusiasts alike!

The company has been expanding its reach across Latin America, and now they are approved for operations in the City of Buenos Aires.

The online gambling industry in Buenos Aires is thriving. Director for Latin America and the Caribbean Jorge L Morales told us that this city has one of most dynamic sectors within all of his region’s countries when it comes to playing games on-line!

“This is a proud moment for us in the region as we continue to grow and expand. It will be an honor working with local companies, helping them succeed by becoming part of this new regulated market.”

Sciplay has reported revenue of $160.1m for the second quarter of 2022, an increase from last year’s figure by 4%. The company reported net income of $32.3 million, compared to 37 9 in the prior year which was due to an increase on operating

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For the second consecutive year, EBITDA increased by 43% to €230m from last period. As a result of this impressive growth and widening margin (70%), management is confident about future prospects for earnings per share in line with market expectationsEBTIDA

Casino Review In what could be seen as a major development for the future of sports betting, PointsBet has secured $75 million in funding from SIG Sports.

PointsBet, a global betting exchange and affiliate platform for sports fans has secured an AU$94.2m (US$65M) investment from SIG Sports Investment Corp., one of the largest members in Susquehanna International Group companies with over thirty-five