Kindred Group has signed a partnership with AFC Ajax, which will see the two teams collaborate on coaching and player development.

AFC Ajax

The Dutch giants of AFC Ajax have just announced a partnership deal with Unibet, only two weeks after securing their licence to operate in the Netherlands.

The Kindred Group, a leading sportsbook and gaming operator in the U.S., announced that it has entered into an agreement with Ajax as their Dutch flagship brand looks to carve out its place among consumers who are increasingly turning towards online gambling sites for various types of games like betting on football or basketball matches between top teams around Europe.
Since launching last year – shortly before Liverpool played Manchester United at Old Trafford – there have already been several successful promotions where players could win up tp £5k just by correctly picking results!

The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) has given Kindred approval to offer commercial online gambling and betting, after an extensive licensing process. Ajax competes in Eredivisie the top flight football division of Netherlands while Unibet may gain exposure through this deal with their competitors starting up ahead at first glance.

“We are excited to have the opportunity of working with Unibet,” said Menno Geelen from AFC Ajax. “The company has a long history in responsible gambling and their commitment will be explicit through this partnership.”

The operator is taking a more proactive stance in regards to responsible gambling, partnering with Kindred and their “Unibet Impact” programme. This scheme was created for safer play; together they will work towards achieving this goal specifically when it comes mental health concerns of players.

“We’re proud to have the opportunity work with such an iconic sports club as Ajax. We will be investing in Unibet Impact, which is a unique programme based on partnerships between professional and amateur clubs as well societal organisations,” said Lennart Kessels from Kindred.

“Unibet Impact has a goal to create more responsible gambling by encouraging Ajax players with mental health issues. They want people who play online poker and other games like blackjack, roulette or bingo sections on websites like UnoToons Online Casino  to feel comfortable when they are vulnerable because of their situation.”

The news that Unibet has pulled out of Germany is not well-received by the gaming community. This development comes shortly after Kindred decided to withdraw from this market because they say there are too many obstacles for them in overcoming these conditions, causing an industry wide crisis here with markets shutting down all over Europe!

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