Hard Rock will open a temporary casino in Bristol, Virginia next month

Hard Rock

Finally, the Hard Rock International’s temporary casino in Virginia has opened its doors. With an endless variety of slot machines and table games available for play – you’re sure to find what your heart is craving!

The Future of Gaming was cut dramatically with a scissors today as the operator held their ribbon-cutting ceremony for “Bristol Casino – Home to Hard Rock.”

The guests attending the grand opening included state and city officials, alongside Hard Rock higher ups. These include Jon Lucas – Chief Operating Officer (COO) for HR International Inc., one of the world’s leading companies in hospitality entertainment media & retail with more than $5 billion annual revenue!

“Hard Rock’s rich and storied music legacy is a perfect fit for Bristol, the ‘Birthplace of Country Music.’” said hotel CEO Bobsat Moon. He added that he hopes this will be an opportunity to introduce more people in town who have never experienced what it feels like when you walk into one our famous iconic venues like The Fillmore or Magic Castle – both locations are currently open weekends only due their proximity with neighborhoods where crime rates tend not To prevail despite being very depressed areas.

“There’s no place like home, and now there will be even less of an excuse not to go out when we have this amazing new casino right in our backyard! The gaming amenities are second-to none with over 500 slot machines available as well entertainment options including live jazz bands playing tunes on stage throughout dinner hours. And if you want some quiet time after all that excitement? They’ve got it too – loads more than 100 rooms worth so clients can come back anytime whether just need relaxation or whatever else might suit them best.”

Hard Rock has chosen to save its signature guitar smashing for when a permanent casino opens.

When it comes to gambling, there’s no such thing as too much. That’s why Hard Rock is breaking records with its new casino in Bristol — the company has announce that they will be opening up 30K square feet of slots and table space at their old mall location!

The future of gambling in Virginia is bright, with two casinos set to open within the next two years. The first permanent casino will be located near Washington D.C., and it’s possible that there could even be another one built right here! Lucas said: “We appreciate all this collaboration from our friends at lotteries across America.”

“Finally, we can show off our new Casino to the world and finally have a place for all those who want their wild times in one spot. It’s been too long since you’ve had an excuse to get totally wasted with your friends! We’ll see ya soon Bristol.”

Allie Evangelista, who was named President of the Bristol casino in February marveled at how her team showed up with excitement for their first day.

“This is great news for all of us who love to travel and play games! The casino will help create even more opportunities down here in the Tri-Cities, Bristol + Southwest Virginia area.”

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