The desert is no place for diamonds. But, it might just be the perfect habitat of ASM Global’s newest partner – Desert Diamond Casinos!

ASM Global's

The City of Glendale has announced that it will be changing their 18,000-seat facility’s name to Desert Diamond Arena. This partnership between ASM Global and D desert diamond casin quantium entertainment company is meant as an effort in branding for both parties involved with hopes on creating more business opportunities through this new moniker!

The new stadium will have an impact on sports, entertainment and business in Glendale. The location of this project makes it close to many popular attractions that are found within the city’s athletic district; therefore incorporating these events into their branding was integral for ASM Global as well Desert Diamond Property Management Company. By renaming what used to be know ‘The proof is here’ after one year since opening up shop with our newest naming rights partner-Anheuser Busch InBev Incorporated disconnected themselves from LA Live which houses several professional teams including USCfootballAgain I’m sure you can see how integrated partners would benefit financially if they were able combine forces instead.

By offering new headline events, interconnected promotions and other amenities the company hopes to maintain their relationships with both clients as well as attract even more.

The expansion of this resort has been planned for some time now and it will soon become one of the most modern resorts in California.
A revitalized stadium is not only bringing back memories from years past, but also ensuring that there are even more events held at their newly renovated grounds every day!

This autumn, a decade of partnerships will be announced in the form of Desert Diamond Casinos and ASM Global’s new agreement. The first event to take place under this deal is scheduled for October 17th with performances from Alan Jackson among others!

Mike Bean, CEO of the Tohono O’odham Gaming Enterprise has always been committed to building a successful West Valley community. With diverse entertainment options like desert diamond casinos he said that there is no need for people in this area get bored with their lives because they have everything right outside them!

“We are excited to be a part of this vibrant, sports and entertainment district. The City leaders have done an incredible job in envisioning how all industries can thrive together as one community.”

“This isn’t just about changing the name of the arena,” said ASM Global’s CCO Jason Oberlander. “It really speaks to how we want people across all demographics feel welcomed into this community and have an amazing time at any event or show they come here.”

“With this new agreement, we will be able to provide our guests with an unmatched experience. The City of Glendale has recognized that by working together as one team and partnering up wit Desert Diamond Casinos they can go way beyond what any individual business could do on its own!”

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